There are many sound reasons to install security cameras on your property owner. Security cameras provide a wide range of benefits for both homeowners and business owners. Just the level of a deterrent that security cameras provide is enough to justify having them on your grounds. Once you decide to install security cameras, you will need to decide which type of security camera will work best for you. Dome security cameras are a great option for home and business. 

Dome cameras are easily recognizable by their compact and rounded shape. There are some advantages to dome cameras that you cannot get with other types of security cameras. While more traditional designs like bullet cameras are great options for providing surveillance, there are certain things dome security cameras can offer that other types of security cameras cannot. 

The good news is you have many options when it comes to security cameras. It is important to explore your security needs whether it is for the home or a business. Different kinds of spaces require different kinds of observation and surveillance. But dome cameras are an extremely effective choice.

What are dome security cameras? What are the benefits of dome security cameras? And what are some of the top features of dome security cameras? This guide will give you the basic information you need about dome security cameras so you can make informed decisions for your security needs.   

What are Dome Security Cameras?

Dome security cameras are named for their dome-like shape and structure. Dome security cameras are recessed into a vandal-resistant housing, and the rounded shapes make it possible for the range of these cameras to extend over a wide area.

The structure, shape, and design of dome security cameras make it possible for them to work in low light. Many dome security cameras come with IR technology to capture images in little light. 

Because dome security cameras are recessed into tough break-resistant housing, they are nearly vandal-proof. This is important because the first line of attack for anyone who attempts to commit a crime on your property is to damage and disable the security cameras. Dome security cameras can withstand this kind of vandalism. 

Dome cameras have become one of the most widely used forms of security camera systems. The versatility, wide visual range, and resistance to damage have made them the preferred security camera system. Businesses with high-security needs have switched to using dome security camera systems, and some of the places you are likely to see them now include:

  • Casinos
  • Banks
  • Building Exteriors
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Gas Stations
  • Hospitals

As you can see from this list, these are sites that demand high security and the best surveillance available. Hospitals and schools are places that have no margin of error when it comes to security. Sites such as these have come to rely on dome security camera systems because they offer much more range and visibility than other types of security camera systems. 

What is more, the tamper and vandal resistance of dome security camera systems offer further benefits for high-security sites. Dome security camera systems cannot be easily disabled either by vandalism or tampering. We will explain this below. 

Dome Security Cameras Benefits

The reason dome security cameras are becoming an industry favorite is that they provide benefits that combine some of the best attributes of different cameras into one compact system. Some of the major benefits of dome camera security systems include:


 If your security cameras need to be installed in highly visible areas, they are susceptible to damage from vandals. Thieves and other criminals will also try to disable security cameras by damaging them. Dome cameras are situated within a vandal-proof dome. The housing surrounding the actual camera is made of a tough material that is difficult to damage or disable. What is more, the installation of dome cameras requires special tools so it is extremely difficult to remove or dismantle them once they are installed without access to these tools. 


Many outdoor cameras are weather-resistant. This is simply a feature of outdoor security cameras. Dome cameras are weatherproof. They can resist extreme moisture, heat, and cold. Some dome camera systems come with ratings of IP 65, IP66, and IP 67. These are standard ratings for weather resistance. And IP 67 indicates that the camera system can be completely immersed in water for up to 30 minutes without damage. Some dome security camera systems are equipped with integrated temperature gauges and heaters so they can be safely operated in extreme weather conditions.

Sleek design

The sleek design is an aesthetic consideration, but it is also a feature that renders the dame camera security system less obtrusive than other designs. The sleek design allows you to position and situates your security systems so that they do not stand out against the rest of the property.  

High resolution

Dome camera security systems provide high-resolution images. Many of the current dome camera security systems are equipped with a 3MP (2048 x 1536 pixel) sensor. This provides images as much as 50 percent more clear and detailed than other security camera systems. 

Discrete positioning

Since the dome camera coverage is less obtrusive than other types of cameras, it is harder for observers to see the camera from a distance. While security cameras can provide the benefit of a deterrent, people will still find ways to escape notice and detection. Dome camera security systems are harder to see, and this makes it easier to record and document suspicious or criminal activity without the notice of the perpetrators.  

Can survey wide angles

Dome camera security systems are equipped with varifocal lenses. This allows you to vary the focal length and width giving people the ability to focus at different lengths and widths with a tremendous amount of accuracy. With the varifocal lens, the lens itself can move to focus on highly specific areas.

Night vision

Many dome camera security systems are equipped with infrared illuminators and what is called a progressive CMOS sensor which operates as an electric eye capable of illuminating and recording images completely beyond the capacity of most security cameras. The progressive CMOS sensor is more advanced than the standard sensors on most camera systems. This, coupled with infrared technology makes it possible to see what is happening in conditions that few other systems can detect. 

Top Features of Dome Security Cameras

With all the benefits of dome security cameras, a few things stand out as the most important features when it comes to comparing them to other security cameras. 

While other security cameras feature things like weather resistance, dome security camera systems are among the best when it comes to standing up to extreme weather. The water resistance of dome security camera systems is a crucial consideration in places like Florida where damaging water and wind can be a real problem. 

The night-vision capability of dome security camera systems is another important feature. The combination of infrared technology and the progressive CMOS sensor makes come camera security systems among the best for night-vision. With this technology, you can capture and record images in tremendous detail that are simply invisible to other security camera systems.

Vandal resistance is more advanced with the sleek design. The combination of existing vandal-resistant construction and the sleek design render dome camera security systems not only more resilient but also more difficult to reach. Dome camera security systems will stand up to most attempts to damage them, and they are harder to access than other types of security camera systems.  

What can Dome Security Cameras see?

The wide-angle of the dome camera provides a maximized viewing area and, if equipped with the proper sensors, can act as a panoramic surveillance camera. Dome camera security systems can also be focused in a single direction and see up to 100 feet with clear resolution. One of the reasons dome camera security systems have become favored is the combination of wide-angle panoramic vision and clear single vision that can be obtained in a single camera security system.  

Dome Security Cameras Advantages

The advantages of dome security camera systems over other types of security cameras lie primarily in the versatility you gain with these types of systems. 

Bullet cameras, for example, can offer long-range visibility and clear resolution over this same long range. But bullet cameras cannot provide the wide-angle vision that is a standard feature of dome camera security systems. 

Other camera systems are also vandal resistant. With dome camera security systems you get vandal-resistant construction combined with an installation system that cannot be undone without the special tools that come standard with these systems. Dome camera security systems are also harder to access and reach than other kinds of security camera systems, and this makes them nearly impervious to vandalism and tampering.  

Dome camera security systems are also more weather resistant than other types of camera security systems. Under the dome design, these types of cameras tend to withstand water and wind more effectively, and the ratings that come standard with dome camera security systems are more advanced than other security camera systems. 

Do Dome Security Cameras rotate?

The sleek and discreet design of dome security camera systems allows the lends and camera to rotate for viewing wide angles. Unlike bullet cameras, for example, which can be situated so that they pan across a given area, dome security camera systems can rotate to give you a full panoramic view. 

When you combine this capability with high-resolution imagery and night-vision capabilities, dome camera security systems can offer images and detail that are simply not available to most other security camera systems. 

Do Dome Security Cameras have audio?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Dome security camera systems can come equipped with sound detection and recording capabilities. Some dome security camera systems can be fitted with linked audio recording systems that accentuate the audio recording capabilities of these systems. 

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Dome security camera systems are among the best security systems available. The reason places like hospitals, banks, and schools have come to rely on dome security camera systems is that these area sites with high-security demands and dome security camera systems provide the kind of range and surveillance these sites require. 

The technology of dome security camera systems is such that they are now available for home and commercial use. While this kind of technology was once the sole domain of high-end professionals, homeowners and small businesses are now able to enjoy the benefits of dome security camera systems. 

Things like high-resolution imagery, night-vision, and wide-angle panoramic vision make dome security camera systems the preferred system for sites that require serious surveillance and deterrence. The weather resistance and vandal resistance of dome security camera systems have also made these systems popular for businesses and homeowners in Florida since these systems can withstand the water and heat of the climate.