When it comes to the safety of your home or business has a good fire detection system in place is crucial. Fire detection is often something we don’t think about because on a day-to-day basis we don’t attend to it. But understanding really what fire protection and detection are and how they should function on your property is important. 

It’s also important to know what kind of fire detectors are available to you and what best suit your business or home. From understanding the ins and outs to talking about the benefits this article can be used as your ultimate guide to fire detection principles. 

What is Fire Detection?

Fire detection is a system set up to detect indicators of a fire such as heat, smoke, or radiation either from ultraviolet or radiation. This depends on the type of smoke detector you have as some are built to recognize certain indicators better than others. 

Fire detectors work so that when their trigger threshold is set off they will sound alarms as well as visual alarms to let anyone nearby know that there is a fire hazard. This fire detector will likely go through a system and process to ensure that each stage of the detection works properly. 

Fire detectors in general have remained in some ways untouched while other systems have updated to incorporate technology and be a part of a bigger security system in general. Depending on whether you own a house or business one may make more or less sense than another to suit your overall security needs. 

Fire Detection Benefits

When it comes to having a fire detection system in place there are a lot of benefits, mainly surrounding safety. Having said that it’s also required by law to have minimal fire security fire detection systems in both households and businesses. Let’s talk about the overall benefits by having them. 

Protect Your Employee/Family

The first thing we think of when having a fire detection system is to protect anyone that would be around the building. So if you have a business this would be protecting your employees and your guests. For those who own homes, it’s your family, friends, and pets that a fire detection system looks out for. 

Protect Your Neighbors

Fires spread fast and not having a system in place to prevent the spread can be considered careless. Your neighbor’s homes become at risk if your home was unfortunately to undertake a fire. The same can be said for businesses. Close-by businesses can be at greater risk when you don’t have a proper fire detection system put in place. 

Aid Authorities

When you have a fire detection system that works well the authorities can benefit in so many ways. For starters, if the system automatically alerts them they can respond to the situation and scene a lot faster. Timing is so important a few seconds can make a huge difference in the spread of fire. 

Depending on how advanced your security system is you may also be able to help authorities in other ways. If you have video surveillance they may be able to locate the fire or investigate the source of how it started in the first place. 

Types of Fire Detectors

So, now that we know there are a lot of benefits to having a fire detection system what are the types that we should consider? Well, there are mainly three types that come to mind and then we can also take a look at how they are monitored. 


Ionization systems work with chemicals to detect if there is a fire present. They use iodine which reacts with smoke and heat to see if there is a threat. When the system reacts the chain of events goes off sounding the alarms. These systems work best with flaming fires because of the radioactive materials.  


Photoelectric fire detectors work slightly differently. They are also a very popular fire directions system but work with light rather than chemicals. They cast a beam inside the system and when that beam is broken they trigger the alarm. The beam gets broken from the smoke particles which is why this type of fire alarm responds better to smoldering fires that produce a lot of smoke. 


Some households and business properties like to use a combination of the two. This is the best possible protection because then you have both types of fires covered. You can also just put in both systems alternating to increase your chances of safety. 


When you have a monitored system this is usually by a third-party monitoring service through a security company. They can keep an eye on your property and when the system is triggered call authorities immediately. This takes the trouble out of the hands of the property owner and can have a much better response for authorities. 


This is the typical system that is normally put into homes because not everyone wants a monitored system. While there are no cons to having a monitored system, an unmonitored system is quite common. 

Why do I need fire monitoring in my home or business?

We briefly touched on why having a monitored system can be beneficial. But let’s dive into this a bit more. There are a few reasons it makes sense to have a monitored system in both your home and your business. Ask these questions and see if you fall into the same category. 

Does my business have a lot of land/property?

When a business has a lot of property it can be difficult to keep track of where emergencies may be occurring. Take this for example. If you have multiple buildings then it can be difficult to locate the fire but when you have a fire alarm monitoring system they can quickly keep track of the more remote areas. So when you have a big property you want to make sure all the bases are covered and be able to locate fires quickly and direct people to safety while directing authorities to the problem. 

Do I have multiple home properties?

Having multiple properties as a homeowner means you can’t be in every place at once. So even if you have a fire alarm system having a monitored system ensures much more safety. It also makes sense as a business owner who may have multiple storefronts. 

Is my property in a high-risk area?

Some areas just pose more of a problem than others. Dry areas that are known to have fire issues are certainly one of them. Also, condensed areas where there are a lot of people and homes/buildings are another area that could be in danger if a fire were to break out. Considering these factors are important. 

Fire Detection FAQS

Fire detection systems don’t have to be complicated but they can certainly bring up a lot of questions. That’s normal which is why we have dedicated this section to the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question answered here you can always ask one of our experts at Circle Security Solutions. 

How do I choose the right fire detection system?

You really can’t go wrong with a fire detection system because both ionization and photoelectric work great and within seconds of each other. If you feel unsure you can always work with a security team professional to help you talk about a plan where you can install both throughout the property which is a way to also increase your safety standards. 

How do I install a fire detection system?

You don’t need to! Having a professional who is certified in installing systems should. This can be a certified electrician, security employee, or firefighter. This is because there is a lot of electrical work to ensure that the fire detection system works properly. Something you can do once installed is changed out the batteries when needed. 

How many fire detection systems do I need?

You only need one system but that can include many different fire alarms on your property. Law requires that there be one in every bedroom and in other areas of your house such as hallways, kitchens, and more. Having them spread out increases the safety because one will catch to the nearest fire. 

Let The Security Company Do the Work

No need to stress out about figuring out which fire detection system you need. Understanding the basics is the most important thing. Then you can choose to work with a trusted security company like Circle Security Solutions to start the process of choosing the best fire detection system for you and even working with them on the installation. 

While not everyone has a monitored system it can certainly make a difference for those who have multiple properties or big properties that not every area can be managed. Aside from the cost, there are no negative drawbacks to having a monitored safety. Only increased safety! 

So don’t wait until tomorrow to start the process of having the right fire detection system! Call Circle Security Solutions today to get the process started and let us do the work for you!