There has been much buzz in the media about video doorbell security systems. Everything from viral videos to news stories on the use of video doorbells has captured attention in recent years. The real question you might ask does doorbell videos work to provide safety and security for your business or home?

Video doorbells provide a considerable improvement over old-fashioned peepholes in the door. Video doorbells provide a full range of vision of your porch area, and they provide video of what happens in this area. To that extent, video doorbells are a massive improvement when it comes to being aware of what is happening outside your business or home. 

If we consider things like theft from the porch and mail theft, you may begin to see why video doorbells are useful forms of security for your business or home. Not only do video doorbells offer a full view of the activity of thieves and vandals, but they also offer you video evidence in the event of prosecution of these crimes. 

What is a video doorbell? What are the facts on video doorbells? And what should you look for when choosing video doorbells for your business or home? This guide will give you the basic information to make an informed choice on video doorbells. 

What is a Video Doorbell?

A video doorbell camera is exactly what it sounds like. It is a security camera linked to a doorbell that enables you to see and record any activity in front of your door as soon as the doorbell is activated. Video doorbells are also enabled with WiFi connections which allow you to monitor activity at your home or business remotely. 

Video doorbells are equipped with motion detectors, recording capabilities, and speakers that allow you to interact with people outside without compromising the security of your home. Video doorbells make it possible to monitor and secure access to your home. They also allow you to record activity so that any criminal activity can be retained as evidence. 

Video Doorbell Facts

Some simple facts about video doorbells can help you see the many advantages of these home security devices.

Video doorbells connect to your existing home doorbell, and they can be linked to your home WiFi without any added connections. 

When a visitor to your business or home pushes the doorbell, this activates the video doorbell system. While the visitor sees only an ordinary doorbell, you will be able to see them on the video display. The video system is motion-activated, and you can see what is happening outside your door even before anyone rings the doorbell. The doorbell automatically activates the video recording system. 

Whenever someone pushes the doorbell, the entire video doorbell system is activated. You will receive notifications via WiFi when this happens while you are away. You will be able to remotely monitor and record all activity with the use of a smartphone or smart device. 

With the camera app on your smartphone, you will be able to watch a live feed of all activity. You will be able to begin recording all activity and store the footage in a place you choose. You will also have access to removable storage. 

Many video doorbell manufacturers provide an additional option that allows you to communicate with the person at your door via your smartphone. This means that no matter where you happen to be, you can still engage the person at your door to find out what is happening. 

Features to look on a Video Doorbell

There are some important considerations to think about when buying a video doorbell for your business or home. Features to look for include:


Video doorbells top out at 1080p resolution. Some video doorbells are as low as 480p. The higher the resolution, the clearer the image. Think about how clear you need the video resolution to be when choosing a video doorbell. 

Field of view

This is the range your camera can see. A field of view of 180 degrees means you can see what is in front and nearly everything to the sides. On the other hand, 90 degrees means you can only see what is directly in front of the camera. A wide field of view is recommended for maximum home and business security. 

Power source

Some video doorbells are powered with a battery. This means you need to stay on top of the life of the battery to make sure your video doorbell is working. Other video doorbells are plugged into the power of your business or home. Generally, if you do not have an existing doorbell, you may need to use a battery-powered video doorbell.  

Motion detection

Video doorbells with motion detection will alert you when someone approaches your home or business. This is useful since criminal activity is frequently extremely clandestine before a crime is committed. Becoming aware of motion is the first step toward a heightened awareness of a potential problem. 

Audio features

One of the great advantages of video doorbells is the ability to communicate with people outside your door without opening the door and exposing yourself to danger. Audio capabilities allow you to communicate with visitors to verify their purpose of being at your door. 

Cloud storage

The ability to store your data and video footage in the cloud can be useful. Most video doorbell systems allow you to store video and motion detection data for 30 days. Cloud storage gives you unlimited storage. 

App support

Many people consider app support to be one of the best features of a subscription video doorbell. Having trained technicians as close as a phone call is a tremendous advantage for people as they come to see the benefits of a video doorbell system.

Video Doorbell Benefits

As you can probably already see, there are some real benefits to video doorbell cameras. Some of these benefits include:

Two-way communication

 The ability to speak to and communicate with visitors to your home or business without allowing access through the door. This ensures security from intruders and unwanted visitors. 

Low light camera

Video doorbells are equipped to allow you to see what is going on outside your home even in low light. This provides enhanced security when other light sources are diminished or disabled.  

Mobile streaming

You can monitor and record actions outside your door remotely with mobile streaming via WiFi. This is a great advantage when you need to ensure security while you are away. You can also control your video doorbell camera remotely via WiFi. This means you can activate and alter settings with your smartphone. 

Remote streaming

The apps included with video doorbells allow you to stream data and footage with the simple use of a smartphone. Again, having full access and awareness of activity around your home while you are away is a priceless benefit.  

Motion detection

Motion detection lets you know that there is activity around your door. Criminal activity nearly always involves clandestine actions before a crime is committed. Motion detection lets you know something is happening even before you see something. 

Alerts upon activation

Activation alerts make you aware of activity at your home when you are not actively monitoring your video doorbell system. This can be a great advantage, especially when you need to know what is happening while you are away. 

Best Video Doorbells

Some of the best video doorbell systems include:

Nest Doorbell . This is almost an industry standard at this point. This is a wired or battery-operated system, that provides resolution up to 1280p, 145-degree field of vision, and operates with Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Wyze Video Doorbell Pro Wired or battery-operated system. 1440p, 150×150 field of vision. Operates with Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Eufy Video Doorbell Dual 1080p resolution, 160-degree field of view, and works with Alexa and Google Assistant. The Eufy system works also moves to track up and down movement and allows for a field of vision that extends up and down. 

Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen). Ring is another brand that has emerged as an industry standard. The Ring video doorbell gives you 1080 p resolution and a 160-degree field of vision. It works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, and IFTTT.  Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) is relatively inexpensive at around $100, and it can operate on a battery or home power. 

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2. By way of understanding your options with the Ring brand of video doorbells, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 operates on a subscription, but it offers a field of vision, unlike most others. This system allows you to see the full field vision outside the door and beyond. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is an ideal system for businesses and homeowners who want maximum security with their video doorbells. 

Do Video Doorbells have monthly fees?

There are video doorbell systems that do not require a subscription or monthly fees. These are stand-alone devices that are fully administered without any added cost. Other systems require a monthly subscription. These systems offer extended monitoring advantages, and unlimited cloud storage, and can be connected to more far-reaching security systems. 

The economic benefit of a video doorbell system that has no subscription can make all the difference for some homeowners. People find that they do need the security and safety a video doorbell provides, but they cannot afford to sustain the fees of a monthly subscription. 

For others, things like continuous app support that comes with a monthly subscription are something they genuinely need to maintain the security and safety of a video doorbells system. Business owners may find that the expanded video and data storage that comes with a video doorbell subscription is a feature they must have to keep records of what is happening on their grounds. 

The decision to go with a stand-alone system or a video doorbell system that works on a subscription comes down to issues of economics and long-term needs. 

Video Doorbell FAQs

What is a Video Doorbell? A video doorbell camera is exactly what it sounds like. It is a security camera linked to a doorbell that enables you to see and record any activity in front of your door as soon as the doorbell is activated. Video doorbells are also enabled with WiFi connections which allow you to monitor activity at your home or business remotely. 

What are the benefits of video doorbells? Video doorbells make it possible to have two-way communication with people at your door, they make it possible to remotely monitor your video and motion detectors, and video doorbells provide video evidence of activity at your door. 

Do video doorbells have monthly fees? Some video doorbells are a one-time purchase. Others require a monthly subscription that has many advantages such as unlimited video and data storage. 

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