A Full Guide on Key Fob Access Control Systems

Key fob access control systems are a great way to keep your Miami house and apartment complex safe. But it’s not just limited to those two residential areas. Key fob access control systems can work both in residential and commercial. They are a convenient and safe method that offers many benefits to homeowners and business owners. 

While they are simple systems some may not know all the benefits and uses the key fob access control systems offer. Let’s get into this ultimate guide on these security systems and how to use them. 

What is a key fob access control system?

A key fob access control system allows easy access for residents or employees to come and go to a certain area that they are permitted to. There are multiple levels of this security system as it can be as simple as just letting everyone into an area with a key fob or setting different security levels for different areas per key fob.

It can also be paired with other parts of the security system like two-factor identification where you may need a password or biometric entry. The key fob looks like a little circle usually that you press and hold up against the control area. The control area looks like a little rectangle electronic box that may have a red light when locked and grant you a green light to show access permitted. 

Benefits of a key fob access control system

Benefits of a key fob access control system

There are so many benefits of installing a dob access control system over a traditional lock and key system. Ranging from cost saving to better security, your company or residential community can feel secure.


One of the best benefits is the costs that you can save by installing a key fob access control system. While the initial setup may cost you some, in the long run, it ends up being cheaper in the long run. Any time that an employee or resident loses a key to a certain area, all the keys and locks would have to change. This can add up over time. With a key fob access system, it can simply be replaced and reprogrammed. 

Access Control

Key fob access control systems allow for easy access and denial of specified areas. The security system can be programmed to let certain employees or residents into one area and not another. For instance, your fob may work for the pool area of your residential area and your door only. Your neighbors can be programmed for the pool area as well but not your door but instead theirs. 

For work, higher-ups can be granted more access while entry employees will be programmed to have a lot more limited access. This is a great benefit of these types of security systems. 

Easy Set-Up

Since this is one of the more simple security systems the setup is not difficult. You can certainly pair it up with a more complex system but that’s not usually what these are designed for. The easy setup means typically a lower installation cost keeping things on the cheaper end for company and property owners.

Ability to Pair With Other Systems

Key fob access control systems work great on their own but they can do one even better when they are paired up with different security tactics like punch codes and biometric features. A key fob may be used to have the actual key part to the door but a biometric system can confirm it’s your identity. While biometric is much more expensive you can opt for a simple code making it difficult for intruders to both have the key fob and the access code. 

How do Key Fob Access Control Systems work?

How do Key Fob Access Control Systems work?

So how do these systems work? Essentially, after the install, a company or residential community can give out these small circulars and sometimes magnetic plastic pieces. The key fob uses radio waves to signal to the reader or the electronic box to allow access. When these waves don’t match the programming the fob will deny access and the door will remain locked. When it matches the door will unlock letting the person with the fob enter. 

While this provides great security for some businesses and residential communities it may not always be strong enough for more high-tech businesses. This is why sometimes it is paired with other features of a security system like cameras that are ignited by door entry, alarm systems, and more. 

A great example of how some of the programming works is an apartment complex allowing access to the fitness center between 6 AM-10 PM. After the 10 PM make the fobs can be programmed not to work to ensure no one enters the area during off-hours. 

Installing key fob access control systems

Installing key fob access control systems

Key fob access control systems should be installed by a trusted and experienced security team like Circle Security Solutions. The reason for this is not because the setup is complicated but because you are spending money to implement security and the last thing you want is wiring or programming to allow access to the wrong people.

Depending on how big your building or complex is will depend on the time. But because this is relatively easy to install it shouldn’t take very long for a security team to implement. The more complicated you want to make the system by pairing it with cameras, alarms, and two-factor identification the longer it will take. 

Risks of having key fob access control systems 

Key fob access systems can be for everyone but for when it comes to advanced technology and high-tech security they need to be paired with something a little more secure. Certain risks are associated with key fob systems that can be both dangerous and inconvenient if not done properly. 

Keep in mind that the risks you will have with key fob access control systems you may find with other systems as well and can be corrected with additional measures. 

Lost Fobs

Because fobs mean that anyone with a key can get in a lost fob becomes a security issue. This is why companies who work in tech and business may opt for a stronger system or at least pair it with other access features to tighten up security. This is also why some residential communities will not only give a fob for apartment entry but also a passcode so that it is not possible for a programming mishap or a lost fob to allow access to your home. 


If it is not programmed right you can also have a security issue here. Fobs can be somewhat limited at times in the way that they are programmed. While you may be able to set times, places, and more for certain individuals, it is not unheard of for the fob to be programmed incorrectly and either deny access or allow access to the wrong person. 

Power Outages

Key fob access control systems like other security systems run on electricity and power. When the power goes out this can pose the problem of locking people in or out. This is why it’s even more important for companies to work with trusted security providers because there should be a backup system like battery-operated features while the power system is out. This prevents break-ins and other potential issues. 

Key Fob Access Control Systems FAQs

While key fob access systems are pretty straightforward to understand there still can be concerns and questions among potential clients. That’s why this section here consists of some of the most frequently asked questions when it concerns these security systems. It’s always recommended that if you have further questions contact a trusted service provider like Circle Security Systems. 

What kind of other security systems can it be paired with?

Depending on your provider a key fob access system can be paired with a lot of other fantastic security features that would make the system more secure. Below is a list of examples of other security features that can be hardwired into one system. 

  • Security cameras
  • Alarm systems
  • Window alarms
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Two-factor identification

Some of these features make more sense for businesses whereas others will make more sense for homes. Some of the two-factor or biometric capability security systems don’t always make sense in terms of cost for a home. This is where Face ID or retina scan can be useful in businesses that have high-security clearance emails. 

Will insurance help cover the costs of the install?

One of the great benefits of getting an updated security system is that oftentimes insurance will help you cover the installation fees or possibly even the entire thing. This is because it is a win for everyone. The safer you make your business or residential community the less likely insurance will have to do a payout of any kind for break-ins and more. Sometimes if you work with a local insurance agency you have a better chance because they want your business. 

If your insurance doesn’t offer anything off for the install, equipment, or monthly payments (if in your bill) sometimes the company you choose to work with will have promotions and offers. If you tend to go with a bigger plan you can negotiate equipment to be included or the installation process. The first thing you should ask for is what offers and incentives do they currently have. 

How do I know if a key fob access control system is the best for me?

Key fob access control systems are great for most businesses that don’t require maximum security. For businesses that have software, tech, banking, etc., key fobs may only be good for certain areas and not for the main security points. This is because the risks listed above mainly focus on lost fobs and not having two-factor identification. 

Key fobs are great for conference rooms, fitness, pool areas, storage, and anything that requires a low level of security. Anything that requires a higher level of security can be paired with more security equipment like cameras, alarm trip systems, and more. One of the best things to pair with key fobs is two-factor identification for more high-risk areas. 

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With so many different security systems available on the market it can be overwhelming for any homeowner or business owner to feel comfortable choosing the right system. A key fob access control system really can be for anyone and is an affordable way to provide security to one or many areas. Key fob systems allow for apartment complex residents to access guest areas without issues. 

But it can be for more than just residential areas with guest areas. It can be for businesses as well that need to separate different levels of clearance. For instance, key fobs are a great way for all your entry-level employees to have access to the basic areas. For higher-level clearance areas, you can add extra security measures to ensure safety. 

When you choose to go with any security system you want to make sure that you have a trusted company with the experience to install the system. This way you don’t have to worry about mechanics and these sorts of issues going wrong.