Security is an almost elemental issue. Everyone needs to feel a sense of security as a baseline for getting along in life. Whether you are a home-owner or business owner, your basic security needs to be assured before you can do anything else. 

One of the most basic ways of ensuring security is being able to see what is happening. Security cameras are, in essence, just an extension of your own eyes. Security begins with the ability to see what is happening at your home or business, and you extend your ability to do that with security cameras. 

Alarms and other high-tech systems are important, but the beginning of all of these security systems is often the presence of security cameras. The technology of security cameras has progressed a long way since the old-fashioned systems that simply allowed you to peek into an area. Modern security cameras can be linked to even more sophisticated systems. 

Security cameras now come with extremely high resolution. These cameras can provide images that are crystal clear from relatively long distances. Some of these security cameras can be linked to facial recognition technology to further identify that image. And, modern security cameras can be linked via the internet for completely remote access. 

What are the details of security cameras? What types of security cameras are available? And what kinds of security cameras will work best for your home or business? This guide is all about security cameras so you can choose the right security camera system for you. 

What are security cameras? 

Security cameras are video recording devices that capture live and recorded footage of your home, property, or business. Modern security cameras can be viewed with conventional monitors or on a smartphone or other remote smart device. Security cameras are motion-activated and begin working the moment there is movement. Some security cameras operate 24/7 to provide constant surveillance. The feed to a continuous recording is called a continuous video recording, or CVR.  

Security cameras provide several clear benefits. The presence of security cameras can operate as deterrence. Most criminals will shy away from sites where they can be seen, and the obvious presence of security cameras is often enough to prevent a crime from occurring. If a crime is committed, security cameras provide video evidence of the crime so it can be properly prosecuted. 

Wired security cameras

Security cameras will provide the security you need. The type of security camera you choose will depend on several factors which a trained consultant can help you determine. The basic type of security camera is a wired security camera.

Wired security cameras are physically connected to an on-site video storage device. They are typically connected to a DVR or other central recording system. Some are connected to what is called a network video recorder (NVR). Note that wired security cameras are physically attached to the security system. They can be connected to wifi using an ethernet cable, but they do not feed directly to an internet connection.

Most common security cameras installed in Miami

With so many options available now it can be a bit of a maze working through what will work best for your home or business. Some of the most common security cameras used in the Miami area include these”

Indoor security cameras with highly sophisticated sensors that can provide 4K resolution and HD streaming. Some of the models available now provide facial recognition technology. These cameras are linked to central security monitoring systems. 

Indoor/outdoor security cameras with facial recognition technology. Some models are set up to kink to a memory card and Dropbox. With 8GB memory, these systems also link to a central security system and send out immediate alerts. 

Some of the less expensive security systems can be quite impressive. These cameras are easy to install. They come with motion detector triggers and enough memory space for most homes and small businesses. Even the more affordable security cameras are linked to the internet with wifi and can be accessed and controlled with a smart device. 

Do you need wifi for security cameras?

You do not necessarily need security cameras that are connected via wifi. For example, businesses with a professionally monitored security system already have people and emergency services in place in the event of a problem. 

Even as a homeowner, a wifi-equipped security camera may not be necessary. Security cameras record all activity according to how they are set up, and merely having real-time access does not necessarily prevent anything from happening. 

That said, there are tremendous advantages to security cameras that are connected via wifi. 

You can use the wifi to link up your security cameras with things like Alexa. This will integrate your security system and make it possible to interact and control the system with verbal commands. 

The doorbell camera that can come with some security camera systems is a great relief to many home-owners. Doorbell cameras allow you to see who has approached your home. With a wifi hookup, you can see this from anywhere by simply going through your smartphone. You can even activate locks and other security measures with your phone. 

A wifi hookup allows you to easily monitor and control both your indoor and outdoor security cameras. With a single wireless control system that is connected through wifi, you have complete control of all security cameras and the ways they are linked to any central security control system. 

Keep in mind that many security cameras are equipped to transfer information and images to wifi systems. Although the camera you choose to install may not be readily connected to the internet, you are often able to connect to the internet indirectly from a security camera that is not wifi connected. 

Remote access in security cameras

One of the most common ways to access security cameras remotely is using Power over the Ethernet technology (PoE). This can get extremely technical but simply put, PoE technology allows you to connect your security camera system to the internet through wifi while maintaining a completely secure connection. 

PoE connections are encrypted and access is limited according to your specifications. The great advantage of PoE connections is the ability to access and control both the security cameras and the central security system by remote access. Any smartphone or smart device will make it possible for you to monitor your security cameras and security system, and you can respond to things as they happen from any location.

How far can security cameras see?

A home security camera usually can see in a range between 0 to 70 feet depending on the resolution, sensor, and lens it’s using. However, there are also professional cameras such as high-resolution PTZs that can see further away, with a distance that varies from 0 to 700 feet.

But the distance a security camera can see becomes complicated when we start considering things like resolution. Yes, some cameras can see a considerable distance, but they may not be capable of providing an image that makes it possible to discern, say, a license plate number. 

The focal length determines how far a camera can see. The smaller the focal length, the wide field of view your security camera can see. Likewise, a larger focal length makes for a narrower field of view of your surveillance cameras. But the resolution is perhaps a more important consideration. 

It would make no sense if your security cameras just see something but make out no details. We need to get a sense of the clarity of the image at any given distance. Something like an HD camera provides a long-range and it combines this with great resolution. 

You also need to consider the terrain you want to see with a security camera. Heavily wooded areas, areas that are poorly lit or unlit, and spaces where there is a lot of regular movement will all obstruct what your security camera can detect. 

The point of all this is the length a security camera can see is one consideration among many when deciding on the right security camera. Consult with professionals to find the best camera for your needs. 

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Security cameras are one of the oldest and most common features of security systems. Other than the common burglar alarm, security cameras are about as standard as it gets in security systems. The advantages of security cameras are obvious. They extend the reach of the human eye for keeping a watch on your home or business. 

The fact is simple surveillance is one of the best ways to keep your home or business secure. Often the mere presence of security cameras is enough to deter most criminal activity. Criminals do not want to be seen committing crimes, and this is a simple and obvious fact. In the event of a problem, security cameras make it possible for you to know what is happening and take the proper actions.