Stay in Control of your Miami Home or Business with Bluetooth Access Control

Technology has raised the standard everywhere when it comes to security systems. With nearly the entire world having access to a smart device the need for keys has become less and less. Bluetooth Access Control has made entering your Miami home or business as easy as ever. And while it is as simple as that there is still a lot of information about Bluetooth access control to take in and whether it makes the most sense for your situation. 

Anything you need to know about Bluetooth access control and keeping your home or business not only secure but easy to access for those who need it can be found here. 

What is a Bluetooth access control system?

A Bluetooth control access system allows for a door without a key to be accessed through Bluetooth by your phone. In other words, your key is your phone. Essentially, however, a key card system would work the same system but instead of swiping a keycard through a door, you will be able to hold your phone close to the door so that you can enter or hopefully in cases where the person doesn’t have access, be denied. 

How does a Bluetooth access control system work?

How does a Bluetooth access control system work?

Access control systems that operate off of Bluetooth use Bluetooth BLE which is similar to the 5G of cellular data. BLE simply means Bluetooth Low Energy consumption. This means that things that work with BLE like access control systems can run for years and years before running out of battery. This is particularly important for security reasons. BLE also helps the phone life as its dying can mean no entry. 

Different Bluetooth access control systems will have different capabilities and features depending on your provider. This means that the benefits will also change. Some will offer automatic lock and unlock features while others will require different proximities and user face options.

Benefits of a Bluetooth Access Control System

Benefits of a Bluetooth Access Control System

A Bluetooth access control system is a modern update to security systems. First, it was a traditional key and lock, then it was pin pads and key fobs. While biometric security is definitely a popular option it’s also not always necessary for those who don’t need high clearance or have the budget. 

Here are the benefits you can count on when working with a Bluetooth access control system. 


When everyone has some sort of access via smart device to the place they are going, no one has to worry about keys getting lost and the replacement costs that come with it. When someone loses their phone it is completely different and the reset process does not cost anyone but the person who lost their phone. 


Being able to change access for certain days of the week or even if an employee does not work for you anymore is ideal. Imagine you are having a one-time job done by a carpenter at your home. You don’t want to have to make copies of keys let alone replace them when the job is done. This is why Bluetooth access control is so helpful in these cases. People can allow kids, employees, or one-timers to come and go. 


Unlike keys or key access cards, if a smart device has a lock on it then you don’t have to worry about the security other than it being hacked. When someone loses their phone and it is locked then anyone who tries to swipe it still won’t have access to either your home or business in Miami. The replacement cost becomes just the phone that was stolen for the individual. 

Best Bluetooth access control system

Best Bluetooth access control system

With so many different Bluetooth access control systems on the market, it can be confusing which direction to go in. It’s also a relatively new concept in terms of security which can make first-time users a little wary of their functionality and performance. That’s why this comprehensive list goes over the best Bluetooth access control systems. 

Kisi Access Control System

Kisi rates high among all users. With three different types of plans starting with basic you can get exactly what you need from this system with the bare minimums or upgrade to a more deluxe plan. Kisi offers a 30-day free trial so that you can see how great it is for yourself. This could-managed remote access allows you to not only enter with your mobile device but control the locks from anywhere. 


  • An easy installation process done by the right team leaves little room for errors. 
  • Kisi offers security teams to provide investigation management. 
  • Works well with third-party software such as integrating security features like alarms and cameras. 
  • Easy app interfaces without much of a learning curve.


  • You need to update the app when it asks (can be frequent) to avoid delayed access at any point. 
  • Weak internet connections can lead to delayed access through doors. 
  • Non-customizable to your company.


SALTO takes the lead when it comes to wireless configuring. Without the need for a hardwired set up the installation becomes a lot easier and it’s reliable without power. Using the SALTO app you can enter and exit with the SALTO app. They’ve been around since 2001 and have delivered state-of-the-art systems. They also have a bunch of different options in terms of their hardware. 


  • With all the options of hardware to choose from within SALTO, you don’t have to worry about integrating other companies. Their extensive line of hardware makes it easy to set up different parts of the building for different needs. 
  • Because SALTO works with their own server they can offer a higher level of protection and security. 


  • Hardwired systems offer reliability that can’t be replaced no matter how good the system is. 
  • Does not integrate with systems that are not SALTO. 
  • Support for SALTO can be limited based on the fact that it is a European company. 


In 1999 ISONAS became the first company to offer IP-to-door access control. Their hub allows for the system to operate at the main base that can be hardwired while other doors do not need to be because of them running on the same server.  Using BLE allows for mobile credentials to be given to various entry points throughout the system. 


  • Third-party management systems can be incorporated to allow for video security, alarm systems, among other options. 
  • ISONAS also allows third-party integration with software like Happydesk, Blueaccess, and more. 
  • Easy installation by a trusted provider to ensure cables are functioning. 


  • ISONAS does not integrate with fire systems. 
  • Does not integrate with biometric features like facial recognition. 
  • The multiple reader system can sometimes pose a security liability for some of the higher security needs of corporations. 

Bluetooth access control system FAQs

Even with our comprehensive list of the best Bluetooth access control systems on the market, you may still have questions. Understanding how they work without power or knowing whether they have flitches since they are relatively new is important. This section is completely devoted to all your must-knows on Bluetooth access control systems. 

If you find yourself still looking for answers to questions not listed below feel free to reach out to the experienced team at Circle Security Solutions. Some issues are related to specific personal security issues whereas these are frequently asked questions. 

What does it mean to have a system that runs on cloud management? 

Cloud-management systems run everything through the cloud and data which is different from running a security system that has to be onsite and possibly even hard-wired. This requires the data and information from your security system to be shared and in most cases managed by third-party software. This is likely the same party that has sold you the access control systems in the first place. Cloud-management systems work so that you can access everything digitally. 

How do I know which system to go with?

All the systems will offer different features that separate themselves from each other. While the main qualities remain there are many questions you need to ask yourself in terms of what your residential or commercial property needs. 

Here are some of the most important questions to ask:

  1. How many doors do I have that need to be covered?
  2. Do all the doors require the same level of security? 
  3. Do I need customizable levels of clearance for different people at different access points?
  4. What is my affordability? 
  5. Can we monitor our own security or do I need to hire a company to do this for us?
  6. What backup plans do they offer if the technology kicks out?

These among other questions can help you figure out what your property needs the most. 

Can fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors be integrated?

While some companies on the list clearly don’t offer this, others do. Some companies will have their own product line so that their products such as fire alarms and carbon monoxide can integrate seamlessly. For those who don’t offer their own systems, they will allow for integrations with other software companies or hardware manufacturers. 

Companies don’t limit their integrations just to fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Security systems with total product lines from alarms to camera recorders to assist in break-ins and crime. This is important to bring up with your company before as not all Bluetooth access control systems offer the same capabilities. 

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Having a home or a business in Miami requires a level of protection like no other. Unfortunately, break-ins are popular and technology is changing the way we keep our properties safe. Because of the integration of Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy gaining access in and out of your business or home is easier than ever. The need for keys is slowly diminishing as our mobile devices are not the keys. The convenience of being able to access your workplace or home remotely is great because it gives you the option to grant other temporary or security clearance access. It also allows you to make sure the place is locked at any time. 

But even though this is a great option for security there are risks associated with everything. You don’t want the level of security to be so low that anyone can short wire or break through the security. This is why areas that require higher levels of security can be integrated with other security features like video cameras and alarms. Not all companies however offer these integrations. Some companies only work within their own product lines. 

Lastly, regardless of what kind of system you go with it’s important to work with a trusted security help with the install. If the Bluetooth control access systems are put in properly you are leaving liability for your property. Furthermore, things go wrong no matter how great the system is which is why you need to have someone on hand 24/7 like Circle Security Solutions.