How Security Systems Have Evolved Over Time

Security is one of the oldest and most primordial fields of operation within society. For as long as we can remember, being comfortable and safe in an environment whilst inhabiting it has been a paramount necessity for most people. For good reason too, humanity has spent the large majority of its’ formative years within the thick of the jungle, constantly subject to the whims of nature and their external environment. The degree of safety for a population could change with the wind, and as such the human psychological need for security began to take hold within our psyche.That said, not many people know the history of the field of home security and the helpful pieces of information that dot it’s timeline; this article will seek to change that predicament.

The Start of Home Security

Home security system Miami in recent years have come a long way from the origins of simple control panels and deadbolt locks, evolving into an industry utilizing cutting-edge technology and reconnaissance programs to aid in the effort for security. The most basic aspects of modern smarthomes would eviscerate the minds of historical security experts with their sophistication. It wasn’t always this way, however.

Humble Beginnings

The first true home security system Miami started being produced and distributed shortly after the first World War. There was an increase in crime within the states, and as such the average American citizen became far more sensitive to security needs; many seeking quality ways to ensure the protection of themselves and their property.One of the first reported home security system Miami involved the installation of an alarm system that utilized electromagnetic contacts attached to doors & windows, which were then connected to a battery and bell. Such a system would in turn be monitored by a local central station, that would then dispatch a guard out to check on any disturbances or alarm triggers.

Today, doorshakers and electromagnetic alarms have been traded in for entirely automated, sophisticated digital systems. All a homeowner needs to do to ensure the security of their residence now is simply use a digital device to lock, arm and secure the home.

Emergence of Video Surveillance

As the West started to evolve along with it’s technological sophistication, the field of video surveillance began to emerge. Prototype models of advanced video security system Miami would involve a large motorized camera that moved down a given track, in order to view the home exterior through four hidden camera angles set up outside the house. The camera would then transmit very low-quality images of visitors to a stationary television monitor, which simultaneously served as the control panel.

From here, the homeowner could perform multiple actions using the panel such as communicating with visitors via an intercom, or triggering a door lock switch and alarm button that would set off the alarm within the local central station tasked with monitoring the residence. A welcome innovation to be sure, but still a far cry from what would define the industry in the ages to come.

In modern times, surveillance cameras reach down to microscopic sizes as small as one square inch, whilst being outfitted with the latest in technological developments. Such devices as these are constantly connected to the internet digitally and contain high-powered lenses allowing for high definition streaming of video remotely to anywhere, from anywhere; allowing modern homeowners to overlook their residence even whilst out & about or on a trip.

Additionally, with the developments of smarthome appliances & features, owners can even program their residences to detect nearby motion around the house when they aren’t home.

The Fire Alarm Takes The Stage

After the innovation of video surveillance for security purposes, came the creation and mass adoption of the fire alarm. This emergent technology was initially catapulted into popular attention due to a team of Canadian researchers having published a study in 1962, discussing the immense life-saving capabilities of heat and smoke detectors. The team had examined over 340 residential fire deaths & came to the conclusion that if the victimized homes had been equipped with either heat or smoke detectors, fatalities could have been reduced by 8% to 41% respectively.These studies played a crucial role in the mass adoption of fire alarm technology among the masses, and subsequently U.S. fire fatalities were reduced by 50% between 1975 & 1998.

Fast forward to today, and fire alarm systems have taken a massive leap of evolution. Modern fire alarm systems are composed of a number of sensors (photoelectric & ionization) that are utilized in order to sense and detect both smoldering & smoking fires. Such sensors are interconnected to one another in order to alert occupants in other parts of the home about the fire. Thanks to technological developments, homeowners can now connect their fire alarm to the internet and check up on their status seamlessly with a digital device.

The Smarthome & Conclusion

The Smarthome, although present in concept for quite some time, can be said to have truly been born around the 1960’s; when in 1966, the very first piece of home automated technology was developed in the form of the Echo IV. This singular device allowed homeowners to create computing shopping lists, control their home temperature & even control the power supply to various home appliances. Although faulty, it got the job done.

Nowadays, Smarthome appliances and features have evolved to the point that the entire home can be controlled and organized at the push of a button. Heating, power supply, doors, alarms & even other digital devices can all be regulated with convenience now. Furthermore, due to the rapid pace at which technology is continuing to develop and mature, it is highly likely that this trend of digitizing home security system Miami to make it more efficient & effective will not cease anytime soon. The digital home security system Miami revolution has only just begun.