Knowing the importance of having Thermal Security Cameras in Miami

Having a business in Miami can be incredibly profitable. But something that can throw those profits off is having criminals break in and steal or vandalize your property. This is why having thermal security cameras in Miami can be of great benefit to properties that need extra security. 

While there are many forms of security, from different types of cameras to motions detectors, having a thermal security camera helps secure the area just a little more and offers many benefits. 

Let’s dive in. 

What is a Thermal Security Camera?

Security cameras are great until it gets dark, and the picture becomes fuzzy, and you are not sure what you are looking at anymore. That’s why thermal cameras can be particularly helpful. Thermal security cameras allow security teams and other users to see detected movement through body heat radiation. 

It also becomes incredibly useful when things such as fog, smoke, and other obstructive things get in the way. The heat that our bodies radiate or that an animal radiates will be easily deducted on camera, making it useful for the daytime as well. 

Importance of Thermal Security Cameras in Miami 

Importance of Thermal Security Cameras in Miami

Thermal cameras have many benefits, but one of the best ones is the fact that they can detect heat and radiation during situations where you wouldn’t be able to see objects in people or fires. When a fire happens (it can occur quite a bit in hot areas) then a thermal camera can see through the smoke. 

It can also help detect wherein a fire the flames are for firefighters to put out. For non-fire situations, it can aid SWAT, police, or any other authority in more serious situations where visibility is little or not clear at all. 

Thermal security cameras in Miami increase the chances of safety in all aspects because of the following benefits they offer. 

Benefits of Having Thermal Security Cameras in Miami

Benefits of Having Thermal Security Cameras in Miami

While the above gives you a brief description of the benefits, let’s talk more about the specific benefits companies can reap by installing thermal security cameras in Mamie. 

Less False Alarms

Thermal security cameras technology is so high that it is nearly impossible to trip an alarm by mistake. This is not as true when it comes to low clarity security cameras and motion detectors, as those can be caught off guard really easily even if it is not an emergency. Thermal cameras process the best imaging for seeing who is where in your property and when. 

Great Visibility

 Regardless of the time of day, thermal imagining gives off the best picture possible because it does not rely on the picture at all. Instead of completely relies on body heat radiation to detect where living people or animals are. This includes anything that the eye would have a hard time seeing or process or low light situations. 

Detects camouflage

When intruders are trying to sneak in with all black or camouflage outfits, thermal security cameras still pick this up due to the body heat. They are the most secure way of telling if your property is being broken into.

Best Thermal Security Camera

Best Thermal Security Camera

When it comes to picking out a thermal security camera that works for you, there are quite a few on the market that offer different benefits and come at different prices. While quality is something you don’t want to skip on, it doesn’t mean the most expensive ones on the market are the best. This is a list of top thermal security cameras as a starting point. 


Hikvision is one of the world’s largest video surveillance camera companies, being manufactured out of France. With many thermal camera options to choose from every company, the different needs will be met from their product line. While they mainly offer a bunch of different bullet cameras, they also have quite a few dome options. 

Interestingly enough, you can also purchase handhelds if you have security guards that walk the premises at night. 


This is more than just your normal thermal security camera. The Mobotix thermal camera operates like a computer, using its own IP address to work on a cloud-based server. While delivering some of the best high-resolution camera results, they also only take up a little bandwidth, ensuring that things operate smoothly and on time. 

With encrypted servers, you raise the level of your security by not having to worry about the recorded or live videos being hacked. 

How Far Can Thermal Cameras See?

As we can see above, thermal cameras will have their ranges from super close up to super far away. The benefit to both is that usually, multiple cameras will cover in quality the ranges that are super close while the cameras that cover long distances may have one or two that captures that quality. This will depend on the layout of your building, as when you have multiple corners and rooms you will need more short-range cameras than you will need long-range. Noted above that they typically start around 100 feet and can go all the way up to 1500 meters in length. 

What is the Difference Between a Thermal Camera and an Infrared Camera?

The biggest difference between a thermal camera and an infrared camera is how the image is processed. Thermal can be a little more reliable in the sense that not much can obstruct the view. Here’s why.

  • Thermal imaging comes from the naturally emitted radiation and heat from a body. Not much of anything at all can obstruct the view, as this doesn’t rely on a picture to process the image. 
  • Infrared imaging still relies on a picture and the light to process the infrared light to detect the objects moving. While still very reliable, it is slightly less reliable than thermal imagining because of its ability to be obstructed by maybe smoke. It still however functions during the night. 
  • The actual ranges in terms of what the camera can see, no heat detection, among other specific benefits and differences will differentiate a thermal imaging security camera from an infrared security camera. 

While there are also technological differences and individual differences between each type of camera because of manufacturer settings, this is the main difference between the processing of the image between the two types of security cameras. 

Thermal Security Cameras in Miami FAQs

Thermal security cameras are not an easy subject to become a master in. Luckily for businesses in Miami, they can work with security experts that know the process, the products, and the installation for a business when it concerns thermal imaging. Having said that, you probably still have some questions and concerns, which is why this next area is dedicated to the most frequently asked questions among customers and businesses in Miami. 

Anything that you still feel confused about should be asked and discussed with your chosen security team. 

For my businesses purposes, should I use thermal security cameras or other types of security cameras? 

The answer to this question typically will depend on the result of how much security a business wants. For businesses like jewelry stores, banks, and other high-risk businesses that require lots of security, a thermal camera will be a great idea. Often businesses will pair thermal cameras with other types of cameras to secure the entire area. Thermal security cameras may not be needed for those who have a low-risk business like coffee shops. Having said that, it can never hurt to have the best security. 

Do thermal cameras need to be set up with security businesses?

It is not recommended that a business trying to set up their security system, especially when it comes to thermal cameras and other monitoring. The reason benign is that typically a professionally licensed security team member needs to install the camera because of the electrical hard-wiring. A bad job can risk not only electrical hazards but not having the system work in the right way. 

Are thermal cameras covered by insurance companies?

Because a lot of insurance companies (especially when working with businesses) encourage their customers to have a security system set into place, you can likely receive some sort of discount or reimbursement for installation with an insurance company. It’s also worth noting that a lot of businesses that install and sell these products may offer promotions or incentives to buy their products. This is something you bring up with your chosen security team. 

The reason that insurance companies like the idea of having a security system with high-quality products, it’s because it lowers their chances of having to give a payout if something were to happen. This is important to bring up with insurance if they don’t initially make an offer on helping you out with installing a security system. 

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When we speak about hiring trusted security teams, you must find one that will be with you throughout the process from start to end. That’s why working with us at Circle Security Solutions that has been serving Miami successfully for some time is a great option. From browsing our product showcase to working with us during the installation process, you will be covered A to Z without any doubt in your mind. 

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Secure the Best

Thermal imaging and security camera offers a completely new level of security and safety to your business. The more high-risk business you own, the more important it is to have this kind of security system set in place in Miami. Thermal imaging doesn’t rely on picture processing to produce a result, which is why you benefit from rarely obstruct views. It is done so through the process of the radiation through body heat, which makes it perfect for nighttime and during smoky situations. It also prevents those in camouflage from getting away clean. 

But with thermal imaging, there is a lot to think about, so working with a trusted provider and security team is important. If the installation process is not done correctly, it can end up costing a company much more than the initial buy-in. By taking a look at the top products in today’s market, you can choose a system that works best for you and your business. Also, consider combining thermal security cameras with other products to make the best of your entire system. Things like motion detectors, window alarm trips, and other types of security cameras work well under a hub system with thermal security cameras. 

Don’t waste any more time thinking about the process. Let a trusted company handle it for you and give them a call to jumpstart your setup today!