Advantages of having a Burglar Alarm System in Miami

Miami, unfortunately, has more break-ins than all of Florida, a relatively high percentage compared to the rest of the nation. This is why it can be incredibly helpful to have a burglar alarm system. There are so many advantages to having one installed in your home or business though go beyond catching a burglar. Having one in the first place may just keep them away. 

With technology nowadays there are so many great features and options in the different types of burglar alarm systems. It may feel slightly overwhelming at first while trying to digest the information but having a trusted team from Circle Security Solution can help clear the way. 

First, let’s talk about what you need to know about burglar alarm systems in Miami. 

What are Burglar Alarm Systems?

A burglar alarm system is an entire security system that sets off alarms and alerts authorities when someone tries to break in through entry points whether it be doors or windows. This will consist of multiple different pieces of equipment that act as one to prevent and catch a burglar. This would include surveillance cameras, motion sensors, alarms themselves that go off when the property is broken into, among many other things. 

Often this system is controlled from a control panel by either the business or property owner or the head of security. It’s always recommended that the business owner or head of security put signs out on the front yard area that there is a system because this can prevent accidental trips as well as deter criminals from the get-go. 

Benefits of Burglar Alarm Systems

Benefits of Burglar Alarm Systems

Being able to catch a burglar is always going to be one of the top benefits of having a burglar system installed. There is not much downside to having a system set up. While it may be costly at times, it is worth the investment to protect yourself and any property you own. Outside of safety and security, there are some other benefits as well! 

Deterring Criminals

A sign alone is enough to make a burglar think twice about entering the property. This is why many alarm systems have signs on the fences. Having said that seeing surveillance cameras or motion detectors outside of one property confirms there is a system in place. Because so many of the alarm systems are known to alert authorities right away, it makes it impossible for a burglar to carry out their mission. With cameras at every entry point as well, it becomes known that it won’t be difficult for them to be identified. 

Aiding The Police

Having video footage from surveillance cameras is crucial in identifying and capturing those who try and trespass. To go a step further, having a burglar alarm system that notifies the police of a break-in with the address saves time and becomes much more efficient than calling. By the time it takes for someone to patch through, explain what happened, and offer the address, the burglar may have already done too much damage. It also helps because for businesses, break-ins often occur when no one is there. That’s why a system is so important. Even from a residential perspective, when homeowners go on vacation, they want to have a watchdog setup for their house. 

Lowering Insurance Costs

Regardless of whether it is a residential property or a business property, implementing a security system goes a long way with insurance. It has the potential to lower any premiums you are paying because it automatically makes your property safer. There are also some other great benefits of insurance. Because it is encouraged, oftentimes an insurance company will help cover the costs to a certain amount for installation, or the products themselves. There are tons of incentives that homeowners and business owners can take advantage of. 

Remote Access To The Property

Part of all the great features of an alarm burglar system is having remote access to your residential home. This allows you to see what’s happening at your home from your phone. It can be helpful if something is going wrong but it can also be great to check in on any pets left behind or even kids. As far as a business perspective it is also nice to have this feature on your phone. 

You could disable or let someone into a certain area that normally wouldn’t have access. This way you don’t have to be there to let them in. This could be even someone who is looking after your house while you are away. 

Types of Burglar Alarm System 

Types of Burglar Alarm System

There are essentially four different types of alarm burglar alarm systems. Each system offers something different from a functionality standpoint. To determine the best fit for your home or business you will need to review the following and see if the services provided match what valuables and people you are trying to protect. 

The following types of burglar alarm systems are:

Monitored Security Systems

This system works by alerting authorities or a security team when someone has broken into the property. It is one of the most popular burglar alarm systems offered and functions by self-monitoring or company monitoring. 

Self-monitoring is as it sounds where the home or business owner can control the system from an action console or their phone. These systems typically include door and window sensors, motion sensors, surveillance cameras, sirens, and more. 

Company monitoring is where the whole security system is operated by the head of security and trained professionals. This is more common in businesses as self-monitoring is more common in homes. Instead of alerting the authorities right away, the system may alert the security center for the situation to be checked out before police are called. The tools used as far as motion detectors, cameras, etc., will be similar to those of self-monitored. 

Unmonitored Security Systems

Unmonitored systems are a step down in safety in comparison to monitored systems. These alarm burglar systems allow for all the motion sensors, glass breakage detectors, surveillance cameras, etc., The difference is that when anything is triggered, it will set off a noise-blaring siren to alert the owner or anyone around that there has been a break-in.  

Wireless Security Systems

Wireless systems will function similarly to wired systems. They will not run through electrical wiring as assumed which means that they don’t require power to function. They can run through the WIFI or a data plan and function in a three-step process when a break-in occurs. 

The first step that happens is the detection through surveillance cameras, motion detectors, entry-point breakage, and more. After this is detected an announcement will be made either through sirens or of the sort to alert the home-owner. Lastly, the monitoring occurs where authorities are alerted or the monitoring company contacts the authorities to send help. 

Wired Security Systems

Most features will remain the same between a wireless and wired security system apart from the fact that it is hard-wired and dependent on electricity. This can create issues on occasion with power outages or if there isn’t a wire breakage alert system. It can happen that criminals will attempt to cut the wires to disable the system. 

In general, the connection is more reliable than wireless because all the devices functioning as a part of the security system are hard-wired back to the control panel, guaranteeing synchronization. 

Is a Burglar Alarm System worth it?

Is a Burglar Alarm System worth it?

Starting with the fact that homes are 300 percent less likely to be burglarized with a burglar system in place is reason enough to have one. To go a step further, while it can be a turn-off to these systems because of their cost, more often than not insurance will offer cash incentives to install one. They may pay for the installation, lower your premiums, or even pay for some of the system themselves. 

Out of the roughly 2.5 million burglaries a year, police are only solving about 13 percent of them due to lack of physical or video evidence. A security system completely changes that. 

Burglar Alarm System installation

Each situation whether it be residential or it is a business will require a unique set of circumstances to be fulfilled through the burglar alarm system. This can only be met through a professional installation service. That’s why you can trust Circle Security System to install the highest quality products by teaming up with

Having a qualified team install your security system takes out the frustration in planning and worry that it’s going to be put in right. 

Burglar Alarm System FAQs

Even though you won’t need to worry about some of the details that Circle Security Systems can take care of for you, it’s still nice to know the answers to the most commonly asked questions. Having more information about the process is never a downside. So here is all you need to know. 

What do monitoring contracts look like?

Most industry-standard contracts for monitoring a security system go by three and five years. However, it is possible to sign up anywhere between 12 and 60 months. This allows someone who has never used a security system before to test it out without committing to long-term contracts. In some cases, mainly with smaller local companies, they may offer a no-contract and month-to-month payment option. In these situations, you will need to pay for the equipment upfront and you may miss out on some of the insurance benefits you get with a yearly contract or longer. 

How does the security system work with technology?

Most systems work with a control panel that you can operate from both a device and in most cases your smartphone. This allows you to control the setting remotely as well as check in on your business or residential property at any time. If you have a larger business with a security team they can take care of these options while still giving the owner access by phone. 

What happens with power outages?

It will depend on your burglar’s security system function but most work by running on battery until the power comes back on. Anything that needs to be backed up like video footage will be stored directly on the system and later backed up to the cloud. Depending on how much storage space you have will depend on how much can be backed up. Most of the time, this is taken into account and normally does not cause issues. 

Circle Security Solutions Product Showcase

Circle Security Solutions has a great partnership with that implements all of their top quality products from surveillance cameras to motion detectors and more. Having a system that you can trust is important. More importantly, having a monitoring team that you can trust is what sets the products in motion. Depending on your business or home your needs can be met in a custom way that ensures success!


While burglar alarm systems can be an investment, they are one worth making. You can make your home up to 300 percent safer by using a cohesive system of products like doorbell cameras, motion detectors, and alarms, to catch or prevent any burglar from entering your South Florida home or business. Besides this benefit alone you can check on any kids or pets while you are not home or your business to make sure things are running smoothly. 

There are several different types of security systems you can choose from. Your team at Circle Security Solutions can help choose the right plan for you. The different systems offer different levels of security, different functions, and come at different prices. An expert will help guide you to the right choice as it can be overwhelming at first.