We at Circle Security Solutions, the best Miami alarm company, has provided state of the art Residential Miami Burglar Alarm Systems in Dade County area for over 45 years. With professional installations of security systems in Miami, we provide you peace of mind knowing that your home and loved ones are protected.

Our burglar alarm systems use some of the latest technology available. Some great features allow you to monitor your burglar alarm in Miami remotely from anywhere using your smartphone or computer. In addition, we also offer a range of options that can include system notifications that can be activated when something happens at your home as well as integration with smart home devices like electronics deadbolt locks, thermostats, lights, and garage door control, to name a few of the many options to offer you peace of mind.

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Residential Burglar Alarm in Miami

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Residential Burglar Alarm in Miami

We also offer a wide range of intrusion & life safety detection devices to fit your needs. Including State-of-the-art security alarm control panels with touchscreens, as well as:

  • Pet immune motion detectors that will detect at the event of an intrusion but not give you false burglar alarms  from your pet (less than 35lb). Rest assured that your property will be protected inside, with the peace of mind that your pet will not trip the sensor and cause false burglar alarms in Miami when you are away.
  • Outdoor weatherproof wireless contacts that can be installed in fence doors, sheds doors, gates, among others. This device will notify you if desired whenever an intrusion occurs to a secure area. With long battery life, this device can operate in an outdoor weather environment for over 3 years before batteries need to be replaced.
  • Laser beams for outdoor security perimeter protection that will detect when someone enters your property and with the latest dual beam technology for better protection and pet immunity. This will provide much less false alarms and provide great detection.
  • Life safety devices like smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors that will give you peace of mind and will alert appropriate authorities when activated. These devices are active 24/7 even if the Miami burglar alarm is disarmed.
  • Water Flood sensors can be installed near a potential water leak area that will detect and notify you in the event something happens.
  • Gun motion detection that if installed on your firearm at your home will lock the trigger with a 3 digit combination and can be and programmed to trigger a notification in the event the firearm is moved from its secure location.
  • Safe & Vault vibration sensors that will protect your jewelry and valuables are just a few of the many options available.

Rest assured; if you choose to put your trust in Circle Security, you can have a complete and reliable Miami security system and smart home system in Miami that will protect you, your family, your home and your valuables with 24/7 professional monitoring and connection to emergency response services.

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