Miami Security Camera Installation Wiring


There are many different type of construction methods around Miami that make the Miami security cameras wiring installations challenging to accomplish. Some of the different types that will make the security camera installation in Miami challenging are…

Miami Security Camera Installation Wiring
  • Waterfront properties, Miami security camera installation need to take special precautions when installing around the salt water, because of the corrosion and rusting potential you need to use stainless steel, and extra heavy-duty wiring for example; lakefront installations which are similar but with less corrosion.
  • Security cameras installation in Miami in and around the everglades also need special care when designing as these locations; as all around Miami, are extra vulnerable due to lightning strikes.
  • Also, older residential and commercial properties in Miami Security camera installation that were built before the 60s may have been constructed with no drywall on the interior which makes the hiding from the system wiring nearly impossible which will require the use of conduit for the running of the wires and of course all new and existing construction requires the wiring to be done following all local codes for security systems in Miami.
  • Concrete roof construction of some new modern homes in Miami installation of security cameras usually don’t have any attic space and will require the running of the cables and/or installing some access hatches in the ceiling.
  • Two-story homes require the running of the cables from the first floor to second floor and vice versa through  passages.
  • Underground wiring over long distances will require special type of conduit and wiring such as direct bury, sunlight resistant cable. Underground wiring in public areas in Miami installation of security cameras also must be dug carefully and never without first knowing where the many utility conduits such as gas, water and electricity are located.
  • Miami’s security systems installations in commercial buildings require special care and consideration as many of today’s modern large building use post tension cable within the construction, wires cannot be run by drilling through slabs without first knowing where the tension cables are located so as not to hit and cause potential damage.
  • Very dark environments with 0% light must be assessed properly, so the right type of IR (infrared) cameras are chosen in order to have the desired Miami security camera night vision.
  • We also fabricate custom aluminum poles and brackets where needed for our Miami security camera installations.
Miami Security Camera Installation Wiring

    And finally when wiring for a new installation of security camera in Miami is extremely difficult or impossible, we can provide the latest reliable wireless devices for these situations.

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