Miami Commercial Security Cameras

The installation of a surveillance cameras Miami system  becomes an essential fixture that should be implemented as soon as a new business is opened, it will give you the peace of mind of having your business secure, will help to protect and prevent potential liability issues with clients/customers as well as employee theft and/or negligence. Some other useful features that you can implement are notifications of movement in restricted areas, the counting of people or cars entering a location, the ability to read license plates with license plate cameras in Miami, as well as thermal cameras to name a few.

By being one of the most experienced security camera companies in Miami FL, in business for over 45 years in the Miami security systems business and residential market we have acquired the expertise to provide you the correct system design, including reliable high quality equipment and proper wiring technique for your commercial security cameras in Miami.  From small retail stores, large commercial establishments, and small or large warehouse facilities to large and small residential projects as well as  Miami multi-family dwelling security system installation security cameras installation in Miami. The technology of your security cameras consist of proper wiring techniques using coaxial Siamese cable, CAT6, and fiber optic cable we can recommend the best options for your specific projects requirements and budget.

As well for more remote projects the use of wireless point-to-point or Matrix systems that can integrate with the security camera system in Miami installation., with Some examples being large landfills, construction yards, monitoring of new property construction, agricultural fields, remote car lots are just a few of the possibilities.

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When designing a security camera system in Miami, also called CCTV surveillance in Miami, it is very important to consider what type of system you’re using depending on job conditions, budget, and many other factors help to determine if either an analog HD or IP Network system might be right for your specific application. Both systems can provide the same High resolution but offer different type of installation variables. Analog HD Systems transmit your video through typical coaxial cable that will support much longer wire distances between your Recording Device and Cameras using less equipment. Less equipment means less potential for something to go bad and cause your system to stop functioning properly.

Digital IP systems work using CAT 6 Network Ethernet wiring, these systems are limited to shorter wire runs or require more parts but has other advantages over traditional Analog HD system installations. A Digital IP system can consist of many more security cameras  using network switches spread throughout a site also using a Digital IP System could allow for very high-tech analytical software which can provide a myriad of possibilities to monitor your facility, customers, and employees.

Miami Commercial Security Cameras

Proper system design is critical for system longevity, reliability and ease of use for the end user.

These are some reasons why you should hire a local company (support your community and always hire local if possible) with extensive knowledge and experience with the many systems available today.  By hiring us, the best Miami Security camera company  you can avoid costly mistakes during the installation.

We work with the best and most up-to-date security camera  manufacturers there are in all budget ranges such as Miami Hikvision security cameras, Uniview, Dahua, and also the best in upscale CCTV surveillance Miami camera  equipment used in high end condos, hotels and upscale homes such as Vivotek, Digital Watchdog, Samsung, Mobotix, Vigilon, to name a few

Give us a call if you want to hire the best of all commercial security camera companies in Miami ! We will perform a Miami CCTV installation consultation free of charge!

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