Gate and Door Access Control in Miami

Circle Security Solutions has provided Security Systems in Miami to our commercial customers for over 45 years and as well as burglar and fire alarm systems, we can also offer a way for our clients to control their business door access via an access control system that uses the most reliable, easy to use and modern door access controllers. This access system simplifies customers and/or employees’ door access to the premises at scheduled times or at specific dates set up by management.

The access control systems that Circle Security offers provide for many different forms of door access such as:

Proximity Door Access Cards

Proximity door access cards are a popular choice for many access control systems. They are a contactless smart card which can be read without inserting it into a reader device and in which transmit data to the access control panel.

Gate and Door Access Control in Miami

Fingerprint Access Biometric Reader

Fingerprint door access biometric readers verifies and authenticates an individual to grant access to certain areas or not. It’s one of the safest verification and security systems because it doesn’t rely on data input or passwords. 

Gate and Door Access Control in Miami

Keypad Code Door Access

Most of these locks contain a keypad or what is referred to as a combination pad. They can can be set up by WiFi or Bluetooth connection and data. Overall, combination and keypad locks are smart door locks that are attached to the bolt of your door. 

Gate and Door Access Control in Miami

Fob Access

Fob access cards are basically a little circle plastic device that can be matched up with the door for entry. These are less secure than both passcode and traditional locks because if you lose them anyone can use the fob to enter.

keyfob access control system

Bluetooth Door Access Cards

Bluetooth door access cards can connect right to your smart device and run through data and cell towers just like your phone does. Typically, all the features that you will get with Bluetooth you will also get with a WIFI smart lock with a few key differences. 

Gate and Door Access Control in Miami

Other Types of Door Automated Access

Many types of door automated access that can even include alarm system deactivation, we can perform all these types of access security installation in Miami Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties.

Gate and Door Access Control in Miami


Access control systems in Miami will also be required to be connected to the fire alarm system in buildings with alarm systems installed to provide free egress in case of a fire emergency. Circle Security Solutions; as your Miami fire alarm company, is an ETL certified company, therefore can write the necessary certificates for your approved Miami Fire Alarm System installation. We can also provide all the required Miami Dade County Fire Alarm Submittal Packages & CAD drawings which are necessary for the required permits and inspections.

Circle Security has installed door access systems for all type of clients such as; small offices, jewelry stores, any size warehouse from single door to 20 doors, hotels, manufacturing plants, retail establishments, multi-family dwellings,  medical office buildings, laboratories and others to name a few.

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