School Security Cameras & Video Surveillance in South Florida

Sadly schools all over the country have become less secure and subject to violence like mass shootings. On a lower scale of concern schools also have the normal students skipping class, having drugs or alcohol on school property, or a number of disciplinary issues that a school needs to monitor to create a safe environment for everyone. 

The best way to do this is to have School Security Cameras & Video Surveillance system. But if you have outdated cameras or not at all it can be difficult to know where to start. 

Why are Security Cameras in Schools necessary?

The general picture illustrates why we need security cameras in the school. They are absolutely necessary because they help provide a safe environment in which the administration is liable for the students at this time. When you have bigger schools (or even small schools) it can be difficult to keep track of who is coming and going that is not a student. 

Only school administrators and authorized personnel should be able to enter a school. Even then there are still some serious threats that can occur. Having security cameras have a plethora of benefits and no real risks or set back to them. 

Are Security Cameras allowed in School Classrooms and are they legal?

Having security cameras in the actual classrooms is OK but a few different common courtesy and ethical guidelines are encouraged to be followed. While we usually see security cameras in the common areas it’s not unheard of for them to be placed in the classroom.

Here are some of the guidelines that need to be followed. 

  1. Parents and students at all times should make sure that there are security cameras around the property. 
  1. The security cameras should be visible and not hidden. 
  1. Security cameras are generally OK everywhere except inside bathrooms as this is a violation of privacy. 

Benefits of using Security Cameras in School

While we will definitely compare the benefits to disadvantages, having a security camera system set up in a school leaves less chance for something to go wrong. Depending on the quality and placement of cameras your students and faculty safety levels will go up. 

Improve emergency preparedness & response

When something does go wrong such as a fire or person-started issue two important benefits come into play. The first is the school can be prepared in the correct way to lead students and staff to safety. The second is that authorities who can help manage the situation can respond efficiently and correctly. 


  1. If a fire breaks out from an electrical closet somewhere and the alarms go off, someone can check the security footage to locate the actual fire. This can help lead students and staff away from the fire and find the best exit plan. 
  1. The security footage can also help firemen and women locate the fire much faster than trying to guess where it’s coming from. 
  1. In a third example, if there is an unfortunate hostage or active shooter situation, the security cameras can allow for two-way communication. This allows police to not only monitor the situation but also communicate if the security system allows. 

Create a safer environment for students and teachers

Cameras in schools can have a variety of safety features. Clearly, the above details how that works but there are also some other ways that they can provide a safer environment. The security cameras can come with alarms to warn students and environments if they are triggered manually or automatically. 

This can prepare the above emergency response system. It can also send the alert straight to authorities depending on how it is programmed. 

Monitor and control access

Security camera systems are not just for an in-the-moment response. They can also be a great method for prevention. For instance, not all school doors are left unlocked for entry during school hours. Sometimes those wishing to enter need to ring the front bell. A door camera could allow for the staff at the front to see whether the person is OK to come in or not. 

Decrease vandalism, theft, and potential threats

Student threats are unfortunately a part of providing safety and security to the school. Vandalism is incredibly popular among students which can inspire other possible issues such as bringing in drugs and alcohol, theft, or more serious situations. 

Security cameras decrease the risk of any of these things occurring but more important catch the student or person participating in these acts. This can lead the school to remove the threat or pursue disciplinary action to show others that the school is in control.

Disadvantages of School Security Cameras

As with anything, there are some possible setbacks that come with having security cameras in the school. You can have a number of them that provide safety without going overboard and causing certain issues. Here are some of the important things to consider as drawbacks to having security cameras. 

Potential privacy issues

We briefly mentioned that cameras are legal but there are certain areas that cross into privacy issues. Regardless of where they are placed, security and surveillance cameras need to be visible and/or accompanied by signs that let bystanders know they are being monitored. High school camera systems need to let parents or guardians of minors know that they have surveillance systems as well. 

An area that security cameras should not be put in is bathrooms and locker rooms. This becomes a clear violation of privacy and can result in legal issues with students and the school. Cameras can be placed outside of the entryways to help with this. 

May cause mistrust from students and teachers

While security cameras are always a great idea there is such a thing as overdoing it. If the school is covered in security cameras then this will possibly cause students and even faculty to have some uneasy feelings. While it’s more common to have security cameras in common areas, sometimes schools put them in the classroom. This feels more like micromanaging than it may feel like a positive impact. 

Students may also feel like there is no trust and they are constantly being surveilled. It can sometimes come across as an abuse of power if everything is being called upon. It’s better to have a system that fills the requirements and needs without overdoing it. 

Can be cost-prohibitive for some schools 

If a school overdoes it can also be a cost-inefficient way to go about the system. Not all schools need super-high security. Schools that tend to have more crime may need more cameras. These could be bigger schools with more grounds to cover. 

Smaller schools from smaller communities with less trouble may only need a few cameras in comparison. Each school should have its own plan so it is a cost-effective way to provide security without wasting any money. 

Also, keep in mind that different cameras can provide different tech options that accompany it. One school may feel it’s necessary to add dual-communication, alarm systems, or something else that adds to the safety system. Other schools may not need the bells and whistles. 

School Security Cameras FAQs

While school security cameras are fairly understandable it’s also common to have a lot of questions about how they would work in your school system. That’s why this section is dedicated to the most frequently asked questions by schools and others! 

Are school security cameras wired or wireless?

A school security system can run wired or wireless. When they run on the wireless system they will need to run through the local network or cloud-based system. Wired is only possible if there are power outlets near where they are going to be installed. 

They both present their pros and cons and sometimes the best case scenario is to have a dual system. That allows for the elimination of power outages and other potential issues that come from choosing one over the other. 

Who can help install a security camera system for a school?

Most of the time you will want a certified security team to install your camera systems. This is especially true if it is a wired system. Likely they will have a certified electrician on hand to ensure a high-quality installation. Some camera systems that have wireless features can be installed without an electrician but it is still a good idea to work with a knowledgeable security team. The reason being is that it will need to work through the cloud or on a server to function. This takes some IT knowledge. 

Who manages the security camera system?

A school can have its own security team that constantly surveys the system if they can hire the provider who installed the system in the first place. This is called self-monitoring or third-party monitoring. Whichever the school chooses is fine but hiring a security company will require a contract either monthly, yearly, or multi-year!

Circle Security Solutions Product Showcase 

The importance of having a high-quality product is crucial in order to have a successful security surveillance camera. The safety benefits come from everything working as such which is why using a provider like Circle Security Solutions is so important. Here we provide the best quality products and want to help every step of the way. This includes installation and even mentoring services if your school needs this! Go ahead and call us today so we can start planning for a safer school environment for everyone! 

Safety First

While there are certainly a few drawbacks there is no replacement for offering a safe community for students to learn and teachers to teach. It’s easy to under or overdo it with the number of security cameras in your school but when you work with a trusted security provider you can find the right balance of cameras in the right places. 

This helps prevent mistakes like putting cameras in places they should not be. These would be bathrooms and locker rooms to respect everyone’s privacy. Cameras outside in the common areas are always a good idea. The level of security you need will depend on your school size and level of threat. Some communities struggle with threat issues higher than others. 

When you work with the right security system provider you can have action plans in place when threats like fires or dangerous situations like armed or active shooters. This not only helps your students and staff but also authorities who come to the rescue! Don’t wait to get your plan started today to update your system or install a completely new one!