Reasons You Need A Wifi Built-In Smart Lock

Technology has assisted so many smart home features over the last decade that it can be a little difficult to decipher what exactly you need and what is unnecessary. While dimming your lights at a scheduled time is great it may fall under the extra benefit category. One that is more of a need than you know is a Wifi Built-in Smart Lock.

Some may not even know what exactly that is and we will get into that. Simply speaking, it’s a more convenient and up-to-date way of unlocking your door. Or letting someone else in! Let’s talk about what a wifi built-in lock is and why you do need it!

What is a Wifi Smart Lock?

A Wifi Smart Lock is a door locking system that runs off of wifi. You probably could have guessed that but to elaborate it does everything that your normal lock does but with more convenience and access. For instance, you can unlock the door to your house from your phone! 

How does Wifi built-in Smart Lock work?

A WiFi built-in Smart Lock works by pairing up with your home wifi. You’ll need to replace your lock system on your door as the new system will be wired or electronically functioning so that you can access your home from your devices remotely. 

No more keys are needed as you can press lock and unlock straight from your smart device. Of course, if you want to still have a key you can in case the power goes out! But for the most part, the key is your device! 

This provides a level of convenience and many different benefits!

4 reasons you need wifi built-in smart lock

There are a lot of benefits to having a wifi built-in lock! Some are more obvious than others but let’s go over all of them so you know exactly the key features of having one! 

More security and freedom

The first benefit is that it provides an extra bit of security. It’s really easy to have your house key stolen. With this lock, it’s on your phone. You may think that well I could lose my phone as well but our smartphones are typically locked preventing those from getting into our homes. The other aspect of this is that while your house can be broken into, there is a good chance that your system may have an alarm on it. 

At the very least you will get notifications when your door is unlocked. If this isn’t by someone you know or have allowed access to you can immediately alert authorities and have other parts of your system triggered such as surveillance cameras or alarms. 

Let your guest and friends in while you’re away

If you are planning to go away and have your neighbors help out around the house, a wifi built-in smart lock is a great way to make this process easier. Giving a key or leaving one outside somewhere is never ideal but being able to let them in with your phone is perfect. 

Allows you to lock the door in case you forgot

How many times have we been running late somewhere and can’t remember to lock the door? This is an amazing feature that solves a relatable problem. Because you can access your home lock system right from your phone this ups your security and you never have to worry about leaving your home unlocked again! 

Let the help in or out while you’re at work

Another common issue we have around the house is having to take time off from work when we need to hire a contractor or a plumber. With this system, you can set up schedules and times where the house is left unlocked and when the house locks up again. 

Another feature with some systems is that you can set temporary passcodes if it has a pin pad system. You can set certain access codes like for certain days a week or ones that erase immediately after use!

Types of wifi smart lock

There are several different types of built-in wifi smart locks as we may have mentioned above. Some locks may have a pin pad and others won’t/ While these ones, in particular, are focused on wifi, not all smart locks operate that way. 

Keypad and Combination Smart Locks

Keypad and combination locks work so that while you can still use your smart device to unlock your door you can also use a keypad or pin pad right on the entry door. This allows for a phone to set the combination and for users to enter it such as a worker or a friend trying to get in. 

Deadbolt or Knob

The lock can be placed as a deadbolt which is the most common or a knob lock. Knob locks are a lot less common to come by because the deadbolt provides a little more security. Sometimes they may be paired together to provide double the security. 


There are technically three types of servers that a smart lock can function off of. There is Wifi which is what we are talking about. But there is also Bluetooth and Z-Wave. Wifi runs off of your home network which has both its pros and cons. The connection may be strong but if the wifi does go out you may find that your lock could be spotty. This is why you can also connect through a local server or cloud-based connection. 

Risks of wifi built-in Smart Lock

While there are so many great reasons to have a wifi built-in smart lock there are always going to be a few drawbacks that may make one consider. Technology is advancing but it is understandable that some people prefer the old-fashioned key and lock. Let’s talk about the few cons to this system. 

  1. If you aren’t tech-savvy it can be a little challenging at first. While the system is usually easy to use without a super hard learning curve, those without smart devices may feel a bit lost. In fact, you need a smart device to reap all of the benefits. This may be a big step for some. 
  1. If you don’t use a good installer and high-quality products, your safety decreases because of the ability for the system to be hacked. While unlikely there is no bulletproof system. This makes choosing the products extra important. 
  1. Technical difficulties are another area of concern. Sometimes it’s not that anyone is trying to hack but rather there is just a system glitch. This is why most systems actually have keys as a backup in case it’s not cooperating with the technically. 

Wifi built-in smart lock FAQs

You are probably feeling like you may already be ready for an upgrade. But as with any new system, it is normal to have some questions and concerns. This section is for all the most frequently asked questions. If you have more questions not answered you can always give a local security team a call to help you out!

Are these systems expensive?

Wifi built-in smart lock systems can come in a variety of prices. Some are more expensive than others but generally speaking the locks come at reasonable prices for added security. The price of labor and installation will depend on the number of locks you are getting placed in. 

Where it starts to get a little more expensive is when you link your locking system with other parts of a security system. While this certainly adds more security it also bumps on the price a bit. This can all be worked out with your security provider doing the install. 

What happens if my wifi built-in smart lock starts to malfunction?

Depending on the type of wifi built-in smart lock, it should have a backup plan if it doesn’t work. Most of the time it can turn back into a regular functioning lock if it has a keyhole. If it doesn’t you will need to call the manufacturer or a security provider who can look at the wiring or settings of the device to try and reset it. 

Different malfunctions can occur such as locking the door when the part tries to unlock it. It can also not register the connection between the smart device and the locking system. These are just a few examples of a few that can cause issues. 

Can I install my wifi built-in smart lock by myself?

These types of systems are best to be installed by a security provider. Because the security of your home is everything you don’t want to leave a whole lot of room for chances. While some may say you can install it, it just provides that extra level of safety. In some cases, you’ll actually need an electrician or an IT knowledgeable team member to set it up correctly. 

Circle Security Solutions Product Showcase 

Given the last answer in our FAQ section, here at Circle Security Solutions, we can be that installer for you. Starting with a consultation of your needs and showing you our product showcase, we are confident we can find a high-quality option that fits your needs and at a great price! We can also provide maintenance if for some reason it does act out! The best part, we have an entire line of security products that can be paired with your wifi built-in smart lock to put together one perfect system!

A Needed Upgrade

A wifi built-in smart lock was a technology upgrade that was both necessary and convenient. The good news is that they aren’t hard to install and for an affordable price they offer a ton of benefits. Being able to lock and unlock your home remotely allows you to continue work while you have workers help solve your issues at home. If you go away and need to let your neighbor in, no problem!

It also helps if you ever forget to lock your door. So many times we leave rushing and can’t remember if we did. This feature takes care of that. And if you still like the old way of locking your home there is no reason why you can’t get one with a keyhole. This also helps in case something does malfunction. But in order to avoid malfunctions, it’s important to choose a high-quality product and have it installed by a high-quality team. 

That way you don’t have to worry about hacking. The only thing you need is your smartphone and an open mind if you are new to using smartphones! Don’t wait to upgrade your house locking system today! It’s the way of the future! 

For security systems integrations we recommend to use Z-Wave Locks, which are compatible with the majority of the security systems on the market.

The good thing about Z-Wave Locks is that once the smart lock is connected to the smart hub, you now can remotely access your lock to lock or unlock your doors from anywhere in the world. Safer, smarter homes are locked with Z-Wave. Smart locks provide you with peace of mind security allowing you to know who is coming and going from your home.