Myth Busters: Circle Security Solutions Edition

Overwhelming research states that home security systems are the most reliable way to protect your home and possessions from theft and intruders. Many homeowners are still reluctant to invest in a home security system. 

Ask them why they wouldn’t want to take this step and they’ll tell cite some really common myths such as: It’s unreliable or it’s too expensive. There are quite a few myths and misconceptions surrounding home security systems, so we’ll discuss the most common to put you at ease.

MYTH: Home security systems are too expensive. They’re only for wealthy people.

FACT: First, peace of mind is priceless, and home security systems provide it. Second, all systems are different and configured to meet your needs. Different companies offer different things to meet your needs. Don’t invest in extra equipment unless it’s necessary. Call us to get a quote. You will be surprised just how affordable home security systems are. In fact, some insurance companies offer homeowners a discount for using a security system.


MYTH: Home security systems are unreliable.

FACT: Earlier security systems could be disabled by cutting phone or electrical lines as seen in movies. Today’s systems come equipped with multiple security layers like infrared motion detectors and sensors on windows and doors that submit signals through radio waves.


MYTH: False alarms are too prevalent

FACT: You may fear that your family will accidentally set off the alarm and send police and fireman over. Your system can be set up so that the call center calls you or an emergency contact before the authorities are dispatched. False alarms occur, but fear shouldn’t be the decisive factor regarding your family’s safety. Better safe than sorry. 


MYTH: Home security systems don’t deter burglars.

FACT: Research shows that security signs on lawns and surveillance stickers on the windows and doors of your home deter potential burglars. Robbers will look for an unmarked home to break into.

MYTH: My pets or kids might trip the system and set off false alarms.

FACT: When you discuss your needs with Circle Security Systems, make sure you advise that this is a concern. Home security systems can add features to prohibit your pets from tripping the system.  

Many people avoid protecting their home and possessions because of these misconceptions and more. The advantages definitely outweigh any potential myths that hopefully we’ve busted.