Importance and Advantages of Night Vision Security Cameras

Having security cameras is important for any home or business. But if those security cameras can only capture what’s going on during the day, then a serious threat to safety and security becomes an issue. Having night vision security cameras is worth any extra money you are paying because at night is when most of the stuff happens that you want to catch on film.

But what exactly is a night vision security camera and how does it differ from the cameras you already have or are at least considering. Let’s talk about the benefits, how they work, and why you need to have them installed over normal cameras. 

What is a Night Vision Security Camera?

Night vision security cameras are cameras that can see clearly in dark or low light circumstances. Particularly at night. Different types of night vision security cameras use different features to be able to process and provide an image. 

Those are:

  • Low Light Amplification
  • Infrared Illumination
  • Thermal Imaging

While we will break down each one later in a different section, it is important to note that some companies will benefit from one over the other. 

How do night vision security cameras work?

How do night vision security cameras work?

All night vision security cameras work slightly differently to produce the image (breakdown later) but the general thought process remains the same. A security camera is positioned in one or more spots throughout the building and entry points to enhance security by knowing who is coming and going.

As dusk and night approach it’s natural for us to not be able to see as well and if you are using day cameras, that same image line will start to get blurry and not as clear as they rely on light. Night vision security cameras however will use one of the three types listed above to produce an image of the scene or at least of those who are living nearby. 

Some will produce a crystal clear picture in black and white, while others may provide color imaging. If you are going with a thermal type of camera, you will learn that you may just see the outlines and body images of those who are around at nighttime.

The nighttime picture produced will also depend on the quality of the security camera you have chosen. High pixel and processing cameras are going to naturally give you a better picture to work with. 

Importance of a Night Vision Security Camera

The benefits of having a night vision security camera certainly weigh out any cons that you may have listed. Let’s talk about why a night vision security camera will make a difference in your home or business property. 

24/7 Security 

Having security only sometimes is sort of pointless to having security at all. Yes, it does decrease your chances of having something going wrong during the daytime, but why not be extra safe and have 24/7 monitoring to have all your bases covered? 

Occurrences at Night

When it comes to breaking and theft, a lot of them are going to happen when it’s dark because criminals rely on the fact that daytime security cameras can’t see well at night and nobody is around or awake to spot them. It almost makes more sense to have nighttime security cameras over daytime if you had to choose at all. 

Protection of Those Around You

If you have nighttime workers, or it is your home, and you are sleeping. Having night vision security cameras protect not only your family and your employees but also your neighbors. Having security systems in general increases the overall safety of the neighborhood. You also protect those closest to you, which is important. 

Aid Authorities

Without any reliable footage, the job of a police officer or an investigator to catch a criminal who has broken in and/or stole property is incredibly difficult. When you have footage both in the day and at night, it helps put together the puzzle pieces for the cop and can result in actually catching the criminal responsible. 

Insurance Discounts

A lot of the time, insurance companies are willing to chip in a little to help with the cost if it means ensuring more safety and lowering the chances of them having to payout. It’s important to talk with them before buying and if they don’t have anything to offer, check with the company you are working with. Likely there are some promotions available. 

Types of Night Vision Security Cameras

Types of Night Vision Security Cameras

We’ve briefly mentioned that there are a few types of night vision security cameras that work slightly differently in the way that they process the image. Some have certain benefits over others, but all make a great option. 

Low Light Amplification

Low-light amplification cameras are when the light is considered to be when the ambient light flux is less than one. In simpler terms, this means the scene where it’s about as light as when the moon has some illumination for us at night. 

What happens is that the existing light (photons) gets entered into the tubes of the cameras and is converted into electrons They get amplified from there and this creates flashes of light brightening the image. 

This is how they turn a low-light situation into a well-lit situation. 

Infrared Illumination

Infrared is a step-up providing some of the clearest images at night. How is that possible? Because infrared is invisible to the human eye. But that doesn’t mean that is not all around us. IR cameras detect these beams and make it possible for the human eye to see them.

Because of this security cameras can produce images in complete pitch black scenarios. To make this possible a filter has to sit between the lens of a camera and the sensor so the beam is converted properly. 

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging night vision security cameras are another great option because they use body heat to capture the image. They also use infrared but in a different way. Thermal imaging uses the radiation of heat to be able to identify living objects in the picture. 

Again this is invisible to the naked eye but is picked up on camera to produce a reliable image. This is because the radiation is converted into the exact image of the scene. 

Night Vision Security Camera Installation

The installation process when it comes to night vision cameras is important. With technical wiring and design to ensure all aspects are covered, a certified technician should be the one installing the setup. Without proper installation, it can result in security breaches and faulty equipment. 

The Process: What to Expect

Here is the general process when it comes to installing a security camera system in your home or office building. 

  1. Your chosen security team should first go over the layout of the property and talk about the entry points or monitoring points that make the most sense to have the night vision cameras. Some people may think outside is the only purpose, but when a house is dark it can be useful to have them indoors as well. 
  2. After a plan is designed, your team will likely work with you on what your budget is and what makes the most sense in terms of what types of cameras you need where. 
  3. From here, a certified technician and team will begin installing the cameras and connecting them to any other security systems within the property. The bigger the property and the more complex the job is the more time it will take to install. 
  4. The job is done, but the monitoring may not be. If you choose a 24/7 monitoring contract you will continue to work with the security team to have the best setup when it comes to security and safety.
  5. Even if you don’t have a monitoring team, you can still work with that company on maintenance if the system were to have problems arise. 

In general, this is what you should expect with a security company, with minor details changing from business to business. 

Night Vision Security Camera Risks

Night Vision Security Camera Risks

If we are going to talk about the benefits of night security camera risks, then we should probably talk about some cons or risks. Luckily, this section will be short because there aren’t a lot of risks to consider. 

If you aren’t lucky enough to have an insurance company cover the costs or partially cover the costs for you, then the risk that most become associated with night visions security cameras is the expense. 

They aren’t cheap because they provide a very important security safety net. While there are some definitely affordable options out there, the risk becomes spending the money on a camera that doesn’t perform correctly.

This could be for two different reasons:

  1. You have invested in a non-quality product, which is why it is important to work with a trusted security team to pick out quality functioning products.
  2. You have installed it incorrectly, so it does not function. This is also why you must work with a trusted security team that has the experience and knowledge on how the layout and installation work with these products. 

Other than that, the risks are very minimal and easily taken care of compared to the benefits you get when implementing a night vision security camera into your security system. 

Circle Security Solutions Product Showcase 

We can’t stress the importance of working with a trusted security team. That’s why working with Circle Security Solutions may just be the answer for you. From every step of the way, you can count on us to walk you through the process, help you make decisions, and answer any questions you may have about nighttime security cameras or any other related security products. 

With our extensive line of night vision security cameras and our qualified team of technicians and installers, you will take comfort in knowing we get the job done. And not only do we get the job done, but we do it well and offer support from monitoring services to being there when you need us. 

Feeling Safe at Night

There are excellent arguments for having a night vision security camera and not a lot of arguments against it. You can’t put a price on safety, but luckily most insurance companies and security companies are willing to work with your budget to make your property whether it be residential or business that much safer.

With a few different types of night vision security cameras, you can not only protect yourself but protect your employees, family members, and neighbors. It helps increase the overall safety of the area and aids the police. The authorities in your area will be grateful and are much more likely to catch someone who has broken in with video footage than they are with nothing at all. 

Whether you are ready to commit or you still have some questions, don’t wait to call up Circle Security Solutions today. We can answer your questions and elaborate more on what would be a great layout and plan for your property to ensure your utmost safety.