How Automated Security Is Redefining Home Safety

Technology like in many industries has enhanced the home security system to the next level. Not only has it made things more convenient but it has also made everyone and everything in it a lot safer. That’s because we have added features and homeowners and their members can just focus on the good stuff like relaxing. 

But what is Home Automated Security and does everyone have it? Understanding what it can do for you, how much it may cost, among other important factors is something we should talk about here. That way if you decide to go that route you can feel confident in your decision to purchase. 

Let’s start!

What is Automated Security?

Home automated security is a system of security products that are programmed to detect trouble automatically. They also have a lot of other features that provide convenience to the home. The way that they function together allows a homeowner to monitor remotely or monitor while in the home but it’s like having a second pair of eyes constantly aware of the situation.

It allows for a lot of customization of the home to make it a lot safer and to provide features of convenience and security. We can get more specifically into that in a bit!

How does Automated Security Work?

Typically speaking there are going to be several different parts of your automated security. While they all work differently they are going to be controlled by the same power source or cloud to work cohesively in creating the ultimate safe property. You can expect that they will run on one panel or hub. This may be a smart device or an app that you can control everything from right from your phone.

Say you have security cameras as a part of your home’s automated security system. These cameras may detect movement inside the home when the whole system is on lockdown. The locking system is turned on which may have already been triggered by someone getting in. But say that the person gets in with the code. The cameras then may trigger and send a message to the alarm system. The alarms will go off and then notify emergency authorities and yourself. 

This is how the system works together to have multi-level security. 

Benefits of having Automated Security at Home

There are so many benefits that come with having an automated security system as we can see above but there are a lot more than we don’t even think of! 


Some aspects of security allow you to have extreme convenience. Remember the days when we would have to go back from work to let in the contractor and take time away from our jobs? Well with automated security systems like this you can put in a Bluetooth access control lock. This is where you can control the locking system from your phone on a one-time basis or a set schedule for people like kids.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is important as a safety feature so no one is in your home when you don’t want them to be but also it can be a different kind of safety feature as well. You can check on elderly parents as well as animals. You can even communicate with babysitters if you need to through the system. This makes it both convenient and safe. 

Aids Authorities

Authorities can get to the scene a lot quicker if they are automatically notified by a smart automated home security system. They also are aided when there are surveillance cameras present giving more identification to the individuals that they are trying to catch. This is crucial in getting the bad guys off the street because typically without video surveillance it can be very difficult to catch the intruder. 

Fun Factors

Automated security creeps into fun when you start to play around with room lighting and other automated features. You may want to have the lights start to dim or come on at certain hours. You also may want your bedroom and living room shades to rise at certain times. These are all convenience but luxury factors that you can incorporate into your system. Something like Nest, which is a temperature control system can also be controlled to make sure it’s not too hot or not too cold at different times of the day. 

Types of Automated Security

When it comes to the installation of your home’s automated security system there are a few ways to install it and a few ways to monitor it from there. Let’s talk about what types make the most sense for your home automated security system and understand that some options may not even be a choice depending on where you live. 


They are often referred to as PLC for short and for long powerline communication systems. This home automated system will run through the powerlines that surround the property and let the devices connect and communicate from there. It gives a lot of control over the system and is one of the more energy-efficient ways to run it since it is coming from reusable emergency from powerlines. 


As this may be self-explanatory this system is run through wires that will be wired throughout your electrical outlets in the home. It can be more expensive but also be a lot more reliable than any other options on the market. If the power goes out ever this is where your entire security system can shut down. 


This runs through the cloud or data. Wireless systems are popular because they don’t worry about relying on any power systems. They do worry about hacking and other risks. 


This is when you monitor your own security system and everything is somewhat unmonitored when you are not paying attention. Because automated systems alert you, you don’t have to watch the video footage 24 hours a day to feel safe. You can even pair off to do a self-monitor system and work with a company on monitoring it when you need them to. 

Third-Party Monitored

This is when you hire a trusted security company to monitor your systems on top of the home automated security because it takes out any device error and adds a human element to it. It can provide a lot of extra safety for those who need it. 

Examples of Automated Security

There are so many different parts of the automated security system you can have incorporated. We already briefly mentioned a few but let’s talk about the different parts. 

  1. Fire Alarm Systems – These include smoke detectors and having a fire alarm system for when there is smoke, carbon monoxide, or fire present in the property. This part of the system is mandated by the state. 
  1. Bluetooth Access Control – This is all your home locking system. This is where you will have some sort of lock on your door that requires a password. More intense security systems may have biometric recognition that includes facial recognition or iris scanning. This is more common for commercial properties. 
  1. Camera Security Systems – This is one of the most important parts of a security system because as mentioned it aids the police. It allows you to see what is going on inside a home and who is there. They can be installed as doorbell cameras and both inside and outside the home. 
  1. Alarm Systems – While a fire alarm may come with the sirens and strobe lights and possibly even the cameras themselves, it’s important to have a notification system that alerts people in case of danger. This can be included with window alarms that are triggered during set hours or broken into. 
  1. Temperature Controls – Controlling the temperature in your house is a security issue. If you are away and the house gets too cold you may run the possibility of the house bursting a pipe. That’s why having an automated system that helps control this and send notifications when the temperature is too high or too low is important. 

These are just a few of the main examples of automated security but there are many more products on the market that can contribute to the system in different areas. 

Circle Security Solutions Product Showcase & options

When it comes to using a home automated security system there is no doubt that you should be using the top quality products on the market. But it can get expensive and a lot of people shy away. Circle Security Solutions has a product showcase that is both reliable and comes at a friendlier cost than most. 

That’s not even the most important part.

You want someone to be there for you every step of the way from the consultation and installation to the maintenance and possible monitoring. We can do all that for you and ensure that your home’s automated security system runs smoothly. Don’t wait to call us today with questions and concerns! We are here to help!

Don’t Stay Outdated

Most security systems that were used years ago are already outdated. Now when you work with an automated home security system it almost never becomes outdated. How? Because it just requires a software update to enhance what needs to be fixed. There are so many moving parts to this type of system that it can seem overwhelming.

That’s why calling a trusted security team and business with experience is crucial. You may know what you want in the house but a security team can tell you what makes sense and where to spend most of your money to provide the safest outcomes for you and your family. Most importantly they can help you incorporate some fun features that just make things a little more convenient and a little easier. 

Then the final concern comes up when a family can monitor their own home or would they rather have a third-party company monitoring for them. You can never go wrong with having a security system watch over your property. There are multiple contracts that can change based on what you need and when you need it. Having said that, a Home Automated System does the work for you and you can be totally fine with just checking on the home yourself whenever you feel that you need to.