Hotel Security Systems in South Florida: A Guide to all the Key Features

Having a hotel in South Florida is amazing. A popular tourist destination by the beaches with beautifully sunny weather. What’s not amazing is all the break-ins and crime that also happens in South Florida, which is why each hotel should have updated security systems that fit with the times. 

But some hotel security systems are outdated and are vulnerable to such crimes, leaving their guests and employees unprotected. This is partly because the technology has updated so fast with the times that it has been difficult for companies to keep up. Having said that, understanding the key features of new hotel security systems is the best way to protect your property and your guests. 

This guide to hotel security systems will tell you all you need to know about new technology in security systems, the importance of it, and why you need a trusted security team to install it. 

What are Hotel Security Systems?

Hotel security systems work in the same manner as a residential security system or a commercial security system, with a combination of different tools that may be used in one versus the other. A hotel security system will run a hub that will connect all the tools, so they can integrate together. 

The list of security features that one can have in their hotel is a long one, but the most basic forms of security can be found below. 

  • Security cameras (night vision and daytime)
  •  Alarm trip systems
  • Wireless access control
  • Bluetooth access control
  • Dual verification

Among many more options. A hotel security system is likely going to be laid out and designed specifically for those properties, following some of the key principles that other properties have.  

Importance of Hotel Security Systems in South Florida

Importance of Hotel Security Systems in South Florida

There are so many benefits of having a hotel security system. While many of the important factors benefit the hotel owner, it is not just the property you must think about. It’s the responsibility of hosting guests and employees. Let’s talk about the importance of having a reliable hotel security system. 

Protecting Your Guests/Employees

The most important thing when you have a hotel is catering to your guests. This includes ensuring their safety. When a guest stays at your hotel, you are liable for their employees too. In areas where crime is very high, a hotel’s first thought should be how to make their property safer for everyone. 

Protecting Your Property

Not many guests love to stay in a hotel that has been vandalized. Having security cameras can really keep away graffiti artists or those who plan to break-in. By having signs and alarm systems, you stand to increase your safety by 300 percent just off the fact that it scares criminals away. 

Aid the Police

Without any kind of footage, it can be difficult for police to track down the criminals who trespassed on your hotel property. Video footage aids the police to identify and correctly capture the criminals to get them off the streets. Without this, possible witness descriptions can result in no findings. 

Benefits of Having Hotel Security Systems in South Florida

Benefits of Having Hotel Security Systems in South Florida

While it is important to have hotel security systems installed, the benefits are just as persuasive as the important factors listed above. Benefits are more for the property and the hotel owner to take advantage of, while the importance is centered around everyone. 

Lower Insurance 

Most insurance companies love the idea of you installing extra security measures around and inside your property. This is because it lowers the chances of them needing to have insurance payouts when theft/break-ins actually occur. Sometimes as incentives, an insurance company may offer lower monthly premiums or cover some if not all the installation costs. This is a major benefit to adding security to your hotel. 

Constant Surveillance

Having a good security system for your hotel is nothing if you don’t have a good monitoring service or team. This is one of the best things about having surveillance cameras is that a monitoring service can act immediately if something goes wrong. They can be the ones to act or call authorities to help the situation. 

Types of Hotel Security Systems

Types of Hotel Security Systems

There are many different products that a hotel can work with. What is most recommended is that a hotel chooses from a variety of products that work together on a hub managed by a professional security team. Systems work best when they are conducive to each other and come from similar brands or brands that are known to collaborate. For instance, running things off of Apple HomeKit or a brand such as will help keep the flow going.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance is one of if not the most important security measures you can use for your hotel. Because it provides the clearest evidence for authorities to work with, it is a must. There are different types of video surveillance systems that you can go with. 

The two main categories are night vision and day vision categories. Within this, we can find a variety of different cameras in the work. 

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras offer a widespread view of the situation. They may offer some of the highest degree angles and don’t give away with the direction they are shooting. This is why we see a lot of dome cameras put on ceilings at hotels. 

Bullet Cameras 

Bullet cameras are typically used outside the hotel because they work best for long-range scenarios. These cameras can tell who is entering from far away and allow for long shot pictures. Sometimes bullet cameras are able to be rotated or move automatically to span the area. 

Other Types

There are a variety of camera types on the market such as floodlight cameras, thermal cameras, and more. Oftentimes hotels use a combination of cameras because different areas require different needs. 

Audio Systems

Audio systems allow hotels to communicate across different platforms so that hotel workers can communicate with each other and their guests. Different channels allow for privacy and service between employee staff, which is needed when communicating amongst themselves. 

Hotels tend to gear towards commercial audio systems which require wiring several speakers throughout the common spaces as well as in the rooms to hook up with any technology they provide. 

Hotel Door Access Control

Most hotels have given up actual keys to doors, as this was inefficient and outdated. More often than not, guests will use a plastic card to tap against a system to allow entry. This wireless connection is what allows customers to gain access to their rooms and the common areas. It is so important to have good security set up in these areas.

Wi-Fi Access Point

Trying to provide fast and reliable internet across the entire hotel ground can be difficult. This is specifically true if it is a wide hotel or has many buildings, and it is resort-style. Buying multiple networks or trying to extend the Wi-Fi can be difficult. It also can be a big problem when a hotel is trying to provide Wi-Fi to certain areas and not others. For instance, guests expect to have Wi-Fi in the hotel lobby and their rooms.

A Wi-Fi access point allows the network to be expanded by providing a signal exactly where you want it to be. It goes off of its own extension, which allows it to transmit a strong signal. It’s also an affordable way to span your internet across several areas. 

Hotel security systems in South Florida FAQs

Revamping your security system can be confusing, especially when you are comfortable using an older technology. It makes you wonder whether you really need things like a WAP or Wireless Access Point. Well, the answer is yes, but that’s why we have dedicated this section to the most frequently asked questions about hotel security systems in South Florida. 

Do I need to upgrade everything?

Not all hotels need a total of 180 in their security systems. Most hotels have some security measures already in place, but really just need to update. Something like a Wireless Access Point is relatively new and provides better security than extended Wi-Fi. These are the types of measures a hotel will want to make in order to best serve and protect its guests. 

What about fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors?

These are incredibly important things to have in your hotel. Because you will have to pass state inspection, likely you already have something in place. Having said that, they can also be hooked up to the rest of your system and be monitored by a 24.7 company. That way, you don’t have to worry about a situation getting too out of control. 

What is the difference between monitored and unmonitored?

When you hire a monitoring security system from a trusted provider, you rely on the services to continually take care of and monitor your entire security system. Likely this is going to be the same team that put the system in place for you.

An unmonitored service will provide you with the equipment, but not constantly watch the situation at hand. Some hotels prefer to just have their staff who are on duty check the cameras from time to time and have the system there if something were to happen. 

Circle Security Solutions Product Showcase 

A lot of this article keeps coming back to the idea that your security system is only as good as the guys who install it and look after it. That’s why at Circle Security Solutions you can count on us to not only offer a wide variety of top-notch products but be there with you every step of the way. 

Layout and design are an important part of the process, and we are here to help you figure that stage out. From there, we can install and even be the guys that offer monitoring services day in and day out. 

Start Now

There is no time like the present, and getting your hotel security system upgraded to where it needs to be can take some time. The most important thing is finding out what you are missing and what the possible threats are that you are confronting. Do your hotel guests have to worry about unsecured doors from cyber hacks?

Or are you worried about your servers not being strong enough throughout the property? These are all valid concerns that can be fixed with a great hotel security system. The benefits are endless, and possibly lowering your insurance premiums isn’t a bad one. At the top of the list is adding the police in investigations to get criminals off the street. 

When you work with a company like Circle Security Solutions, you can guarantee that we are with you through every question and step of the way. Areas, where you may need more security but don’t quite spot it out, this is where we come in. Working together is the best way to secure your hotel. Don’t wait to start upgrading!