Home Security Systems in Broward: Pros and Cons

Technology has given us a new way to make our homes as safe as possible. But since technology is still relatively new and becoming more advanced every day, many are still figuring out what the best systems are when it comes to home security systems. 

Generally speaking there is a lot more benefits than there are setbacks or cons when it comes to having a home security system in Broward. They are also becoming in general a lot more popular. 

So let’s talk about why you need one and how it will provide more safety to your home. 

What is a Home Security System?

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Home security systems can look different depending on what type you have and the property you have. There is a lot of different technology that goes into different aspects of a home security system. This is because a security camera system is meant to provide a different benefit than the alarm part. 

Because home security systems have a multitude of products that work together we need to take a look at what the different parts are and how they are cohesive. 

How Does a Home Security System Work?

The main purpose of having a home security system in Broward or anywhere is to protect the property and the people inside from any sort of safety issue. By using things like surveillance cameras, alarm systems monitored services, and more you can cover nearly all of the possible threats. 

When an issue arises such as a fire, the system will use an alert system for those nearby while also alerting authorities to come and help. Different systems use different alert processes. 

Benefits of Home Security System in Broward

There are so many benefits that you get when it comes to installing a home security system in Broward. There are preventative measures that help you ward off problems but also can help you react in the best way possible should one occur. 

Protecting Family and Friends

Protecting your family is probably the first thing you think about when putting in a system. That are not the only people you protect. You also protect your neighbors and friends. That’s because you can increase your safety by 300 percent by just putting a sign or a visible camera up. Criminals don’t want to run the risk of getting caught. 

Lowering Your Premiums

Your insurance company is likely going to offer you some help if you tell them you want to protect your home. Because it lowers the chances of them needing to issue a payout if a break-in or something similar happens, this helps them out just as much as you. If they don’t offer this still ask them to help pay for part of the installation or a discount on products. 

Aiding the Authorities 

Break-Ins are common in Broward County. Worse if there is no security system in place authorities don’t have much to work with to capture the criminal. When you have a security camera you can provide some sort of description of the person and the order of events that occurred. 

In terms of fires and carbon monoxide, fire departments appreciate a system that alerts them to get to the scene much faster. 

Communication Efficiency 

Certain systems will allow you to talk to anyone back home. That means if you have an elderly parent or a babysitter watching the place you can check on them if you need to or give instructions. This is a benefit that can be considered convenience! 

Types of Home Security System

There are a lot of different home security systems which is why it’s important to check out this brief overview! Sometimes we can combine these aspects but they also work well on their own. 

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are the first thing anyone should consider with a home security system. It allows homeowners to see what’s going on and also aids the police. There are many types to consider that can fill different needs.  


  • Indoor/outdoor cameras
  • Bullet cameras
  • Dome cameras
  • Doorbell cameras
  • Night Vision cameras 
  • Etc. 

Fire/Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

These are required by law to be placed throughout your home. This is for the protection of you and your community. They alert fire departments when there is an emergency. 

Bluetooth Control Access

This is the locking security of your home. Most of the time you can control this from your phone and will have some sort of password identification code process!

Key Features of Home Security Systems

When looking at these different types of home security systems in Broward you want to make sure you look for the right qualities to get the best system that fits your needs. 

Advanced Technology

Having technology that can keep up with today’s technology. Something outdated will just need to be replaced so save yourself some time. 


You should be able to monitor your home but the option to have someone do it for you is also important. This is common to hire security companies to help keep an eye on things. 

Alert Authorities

Your system should provide the utmost safety which means alerting authorities as quickly as possible. You don’t want to have to be focused on calling 011 but instead just getting to safety. Allow your system to do this for you. 

Home Security System Installation Process in Broward

Installation processes differ slightly from each other because it’s customized. But a good security company will go through the right steps with you so you can understand how your system works and why it’s the best for your property. 

Here is the process:

  1. Discuss needs and initial budget
  2. A contractor for the company will analyze the property and what’s possible
  3. A final agreement will be illustrated between the security company and the homeowner. 

Home Security System Risks

Truth be told there are not a lot of risks when it comes to your home security system in Broward. But it is worth knowing that of course, nothing is bulletproof. So let’s talk about what the risks are. There aren’t many. 

Security Breach

Having someone hack into your home security system is a possibility. If you don’t have a good firewall this becomes a higher possibility. This means in theory someone could have access to your home. However, having a system is better than not. 

Poor Install

Having the equipment installed the wrong way means that you could have a security lapse as well. If it doesn’t work then there is no real reason to have it so having it installed by a trusted security team is crucial. 

Home Security System FAQs

Home security systems are incredibly helpful but of course, we all have questions about them since they can be a complicated subject. That’s why we have dedicated this section to the most frequently asked questions. 

How do I know what type of system is right for my household? 

This is something that you can go over with the security company you choose to work with. Based on what type of property you have will determine what kind of system is going to be best for your property. It’s not always a one-size-fits-all situation. 

How much does a home security system cost?

This is also not a one-size-fits-all question because different products vary. The product cost is also going to depend on how many products you have and what quality products you choose. The installation cost will be variable from company to company but we can take a general look at this article linked for a rough idea. Any additional occurring monthly payments to run the system are also something to consider. These are all important factors that can change the number a lot. 

Don’t forget you can also get discounts through insurance and your provider. On average we can say that a home security system is about $400 for equipment and installation and $25-$50 a month. 

Do home security systems come with warranties?

Not all products and services will have full-coverage warranties. But some products will have manufacturer warranties and the company and provider you choose to work with will offer limited or full coverage. This is something to ask about.

This is more often than not true if you have a monthly service contract with these companies. It may include maintenance and other benefits.

Circle Security Solutions Product Showcase

Your system is only as good as the company that you choose to work with. That’s why Circle Security Solutions makes sure that your property is covered from the first step to the very last. Taking care of the details is crucial to the process. 

But this kind of work goes beyond selling you the products and saying goodbye after the installation. We also have monitoring services to ensure that your home security system doesn’t just run well in the first month, but lasts you many years to come. And with everything, there are always going to be more updates down the road. That’s why we stay on top of things to make sure your house continues to be safely protected. 

Start Today!

It’s never too soon or too late to start installing your home security system. Once you make that choice and start talking to a provider you are well on your way to providing the best security possible. Understanding the benefits of protecting your loved ones and your neighbors is a huge benefit. But also trying to take advantage of other benefits like having a security system monitoring for you. 

Some people may worry about the risks involved like a security breach. The reality is that it’s still safer to have some level of protection than nothing at all. If you have a good quality system and quality workers jelling you install it then you run less of a risk for this to happen. 

Don’t wait to get a consult! Start finding the right home security system for you!