Florida Hurricane Season Security Considerations

Home Security During Florida Hurricane Season

Last year was one of the most destructive Florida hurricane seasons we’ve ever witnessed. Many Miami locals were evacuated, losing their homes, vehicles, possessions, and more. In addition to devastation, damage, and extensive power outages, affected areas saw a rise in theft and looting.

Unfortunately, this is an adverse and unplanned for side effect in areas such as Florida that suffer the drastic effects of hurricanes. And this year, weather experts are predicting an equally dangerous—if not worse—hurricane season for South Florida residents.

We understand that securing your safety, your family’s safety, and pets’ safety is your first priority. That’s why you should always follow your area’s evacuation instructions thoroughly. In case of evacuation, you can take some simple safety precautions to minimize damage to your home and property.

Hurricane Home Security Pre-Check

First, brush up on your hurricane safety protocol.

  1. Make sure your batteries are fresh in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  2. Have battery-powered light sources.
  3. Know where to go in case of evacuation. Hurricanes are often unpredictable and evacuation notices can come quickly. Know your route and where you will stay. Keep phone numbers of evacuation centers handy and make sure all of your family members know the plan.
  4. Prepare a hurricane bag with cash, medications, copies of important documents, first aid supplies, batteries, flashlights, medicines, cordless phone chargers, water and food (in case you are stuck in traffic.)
  5. Sign up for email or text alerts from your community if they offer an emergency alert system.

What to Do in the Case of Evacuation

If you are forced to evacuate, you may want to bring important, one-of-a-kind, or irreplaceable objects with you. Pack birth certificates, passports, important financial documents, jewelry, or important family photos or heirlooms into a weather-resistant container and bring them along.

Although you can pack up your family and some valued possessions, you are sometimes forced to leave your home and trust that it will be safe. If this happens, make it as difficult as possible for potential looters to hit your home. Hide your valuables, lock all rooms, and move all your belongings to the center of your home—this will also minimize storm damage.

Since power outages are common during Florida hurricane season, make sure your security system’s batteries are fresh. If you have a wireless system, turn it off during the storm to conserve power—it is unlikely that thieves will be roaming around during the storm. This will allow you to turn it back on after the worst has passed and survey damage and make sure that your system is ready in the event of a break in.

Wireless systems are ideal for areas that are prone to severe weather like Miami.

Your Safety & Security are Our Priorities

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