Everything you should know about Fingerprint Access Control

Fingerprint access control used to be the kind of thing you would only see in the movies. Nowadays everyone uses it just to get into their smartphones and devices. The reason why it’s so commonly used is that it is one of the most secure forms of security available. They are also commonly referred to as biometric access systems. 

While this security system is handy to have around the office, it’s also not a bad idea to incorporate it in your home. The most important part is the install rather than the understanding. While you’ll get a good brief on everything you need to know about fingerprint access control, making sure it’s put in right by a trusted provider like Circle Security Systems, is what is going to make it effective. 

What is Fingerprint Access Control?

Fingerprint access control is a subdivision of biometric access control. Overall, biometric access control verifies and authenticates an individual to grant access to certain areas or not. It’s one of the safest verification and security systems because it doesn’t rely on data input or passwords. 

The “password” is in this case your unique fingerprint. Biometric access works so well because it’s very difficult to hack and replicate a set of unique physical features that acts as your password. The best way to describe fingerprint access control specifically is when the phone and other smart devices used your thumbprint to gain access. Then they moved on to face recognition, another form of biometric access control. 

Fingerprint access control can be used on its own or paired with a two-step verification process. This tightens up security and guarantees safety.

Benefits of Fingerprint Access Control

benefits of fingerprint access

Fingerprint access control is mainly used for access to different parts of a company. It has so many benefits that it can seem like a no-brainer for anyone to use. Safety and security are some of the main attractions of fingerprint access control. But convenience is also great to consider as well as saving money. 

Now saving money is a little trickier because the fingerprint access control systems can be expensive at first but possibly save money in the long run. 

Let’s dive into some of these benefits so you can get a closer look at how it helps. 


While fingerprint access control isn’t immune to hacking it works great for remote hackers. Password recovery is one of the easiest ways to hack into a device. It only takes a recovery step by providing a phone number or email to reset the password. 

If you are using something elder fashion like access cards and keys this is easy to get into rooms if the key is simply left behind or stolen. Fingerprints are something a little harder to replicate.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean they are immune. We, unfortunately, use our hands to touch everything which means the best of the best hackers can find ways to get our fingerprints. Don’t worry because now fingerprint access control is often paired with a two-step verification process which makes it more secure and unlikely to be hacked. As it is, it already is one of the safest systems for security available. 


When it comes to being efficient and letting people gain access from a functionality standpoint, fingerprint access control is a great system. This is because the person who gets left in charge of the system can set different access for different people to do different spaces. 

The functionality and efficiency of someone not having to take out a key or a bunch of keys make it easier to get where you need to go quickly and save time on productivity. Now, this may not seem like a big deal but over the years of losing keys and not being able to get into a place you need to be will add up to lost productivity.

Money Down the Road

Speaking of lost keys. While the systems may be at first a little pricey they can end up saving you boatloads down the long run. Replacing keys becomes completely irrelevant when your key is your finger. No chance of losing that. We hope. But what’s more expensive than replacing a key is having to replace an entire system of locks time and time again.

This rings especially true when you have a bigger company and need to keep track of more employees. Redoing a fingerprint or fixing up one door is much better than an entire security system. 


This type of system also creates great flexibility for several reasons. 

  1. You can set granted access for different times for different people. 
  2. Nothing is permanent so if someone is relieved of their job you can simply deny access from that point and create new access to someone else.
  3. It allows for upgrades and constant change to the system to keep making sure things are safe and secure. 
  4. You can create a dual or even multiple-layer authentication system if more access is required for certain areas.

How Does Fingerprint Access Control Work?

how does fingerprint access control work

So, maybe you’re thinking this is a good idea, after all, to implement it into your company or even your home. If you’re home you can allow your kids to come and go a lot easier or even someone working on the house. If you’re a business you never really have to worry about lost keys again. 

For fingerprint access control/biometric access control to work, you need the following. 

  1. A unique physical trait such as a fingerprint
  2. The technology to take the fingerprint and analyze the data
  3. A trusted provider/installer
  4. An updating system

The Fingerprint

The first part of how fingerprint access control works are that a biometric security system needs a unique physical trait to scan and measure to allow access. These are things like face recognition, fingerprints, retinas, etc. Something that can’t be replicated from somebody else. 

All the data will be taken so that this fingerprint can be used to grant you access to the places you are meant to be within a company or house. 

The Technology

There will be technology lined on or near the doors that allow you to press your finger against a scanner so the technology can analyze your print and grant or deny you access. This is why it is always important to use the same finger over and over again. Sometimes a system will make you use multiple fingers like passport scanners at the airport. This just makes it a little more secure. 

It’s important with this to make sure that your finger is firmly pressed but not too much because you can end up getting denied if the configure of your fingerprint is different. Don’t worry it’s not difficult, you simply just place your finger down on the scanner and you are good to go. 

This is why it is important to have a quality product and a good install team because if it is finicky then you will end up wasting productivity and efficiency benefits that come with it. 

A Trusted Provider Installer

What makes a good install team?

This is an important question to ask yourself because if the technology you are working with is constantly glitching because of poor installation or poor quality products, you are going to end up with not only an inconvenience but a very unsafe and insecure premise.

A good company will walk you through the steps and show you how the system works. They should also provide continuous services like a contract that will help you monitor or self-monitor the system in the event of a break-in or a malfunction. 

Constant Updates

Your system should constantly work with updates. The reason being is that this is good for security purposes but also because technology is updating as well. If you want to access your security through a protected phone your system should allow you to do that. Or at the very least provide you with a control panel that allows you to remotely access your office or home if someone needs to be let in who normally wouldn’t or so you can monitor a situation. 

These systems also can work with other parts of security systems which is why it is important to be able to update. If someone tries to gain access but doesn’t have access, if you have a paired security camera, it can start filming to show you who and when is trying to get access to what. 

This is incredibly useful when aiding the police against intruders.

How To Install Fingerprint Access Control

Is a Burglar Alarm System worth it?

Everyone’s install of a fingerprint access control system is going to be slightly different. The method will remain similar but the details are what matter. The complexity of the setup is what will change how it is set up. 

Here are the following things that can change what is going on.

  • How large the installment is will directly affect how it is installed. For instance, how many rooms do you need to have scanners for,  and how many employees or people do you need to make prints for?
  • Is the system paired up with other security features like alarms and security cameras? This allows police to help find out who is intruding a lot faster and potentially catch the thief. 

It is rarely recommended that these systems should be installed by someone who does not make the product themselves. Sometimes installs will come as a part of the package so they don’t cost anything while other times insurance will gladly help pay because it ensures less liability. 

Risks of Having Fingerprint Access Control

There is not a whole lot of downside when it comes to having fingerprint access control. But there are some annoyances with having a super high-tech security system. The reason why dual-authentication sometimes is attractive is that something as small as a papercut can throw the system off and deny someone access who really should be allowed access. 

Other risks include:

  • Needing to spend more money on a backup security measure.
  • Having to rely on a company more often than one would like if something goes wrong.
  • Is not 100 percent bulletproof protection. However, nothing is. 

Fingerprint Access Control FAQs

While that is a pretty good breakdown of what you can expect there are always some other questions that pop up with fingerprint access control systems. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to biometric access control. 

How Expensive Are Biometric Security Systems?

Each system will depend on the number of other features you have incorporated and how much security you need. A company will charge differently than a competitor for all sorts of reasons and services. Generally speaking, the national average ranges from $5,000-$10,000 a door. 

What Do I Do If My System Breaks Down?

Installs are relatively easy which means fixing the systems can also be done without issue. It will be up to your contractor and security provider how the restoration process goes but standard they will have a tech team come in and fix the issue. 

Common things can be glitches where fingerprints are denied and the technology not syncing up with other areas of security. 

What Happens With Power Outages?

This depends on whether the system will operate with wireless functions or be wired. If wired then the system will be dependent on electricity and power rather than battery. This provides a better connection and reliability than data but when the power goes out there will need to be back up batteries to keep the system running smoothly. This is something that security companies account for. 

Circle Security Solutions Product Showcase

For the best rate for quality, call us at Circle Security Solutions. We team up with Alarm.com to provide a safe experience that is seamless to use. Each business and homeowner’s level of safety is unique which is why we consult and make a personal plan to ensure your goals are met. 


Having a security system is an investment. But it is an investment that is worth taking seriously especially with high-level tech companies that require security clearance in several areas. But fingerprint access control doesn’t have to be limited to just that. Everyone can use fingerprint access control systems as they provide many benefits that outweigh the expenses. 

When you use fingerprint access control, you prevent lost keys and possible hacks through password recovery. It’s a great way to incorporate biometric security systems to keep your business safe.